Scottish football club's Brighouse supporters group set for 542 mile round trip

A group of Brighouse fans will be making their way to Scotland
A group of Brighouse fans will be making their way to Scotland

IT MAY have been a horrendous season so far for Scottish League Two cellar dwellers Cowdenbeath - but a group of football-daft supporters from Brighouse will be coming to their aid later this month.

The Blue Brazil’s can at least count on a crowd boost from south of the border in their game at Clyde’s Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld near Glasgow on February 16.

A thirteen-strong party, complete with Cowdenbeath hats and scarves, will head north on the day before the game, with their own unofficial Brighouse supporters’ club branch making their 24th yearly visit to cheer them on after the “craze” started in the mid-90s.

Organiser Mike Clough said: “We used to be members of what we call the ‘Little Club’ at Albion Bowling Club in Brighouse.

“One of the guys there used to watch the football results on a Saturday afternoon and take an interest in Cowdenbeath’s results. We said: ‘Why Cowdenbeath?’ And he just said: ‘I like the name.’ So we just said: ‘Why don’t we all go and watch them?’

“It started from there. We have seen them at Stirling Albion and Gretna and when Rangers were relegated to the bottom division, we went to see them at Ibrox with around 43,000 there. And the usual home gate at Cowdenbeath is about 300!

“In the first few years, we used to give fifty quid to Cowdenbeath’s player of the match and we meet people who we have seen before and have a bit of a natter, usually in the pub!”