Stockport County 5-1 FC Halifax Town: Wild apologises to supporters after Boxing Day thrashing

FC Halifax Town boss Pete Wild apologised to the club's supporters after his side were thrashed 5-1 at Stockport.

Thursday, 26th December 2019, 5:47 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th December 2019, 5:48 pm
Pete Wild

Town were 2-0 down at half-time, and fell 4-0 down after the interval before Liam McAlinden got one back, but man-of-the-match Elliot Osborne completed his hat-trick to round off the scoring and cap a miserable afternoon for The Shaymen.

"It's not good enough, the fans have every right to have a go at us," said Wild.

"Clearly, it was utterly not good enough all over the park. We didn't run hard enough, we didn't tackle hard enough, we got ran all over. Not good enough at all.

"We didn't want enough, which is a damning statement. I've said that (in the changing room).

"When a team wants it more than you that's the most damning statement in football, and they wanted it more than us today.

"They ran all over us. That is not good enough.

"First and foremost, let me apologise to every fan who paid their hard-earned money to come today. That is not good enough.

"But let me tell you, I will sort this out, and I will get this right. I'll work as hard as I can to get this right, and we'll come out the other side of this."

When asked how concerned he was after the defeat, Wild said: "I'm very concerned, concerned that people don't want to run around, put tackles in and win headers.

"Things have got to change, and I'm committed to making sure they do change, and I'll make sure things change, and change for the better."

Wild said the manner of the result had raised question marks with him over some of his players.

"100 per cent. Players I can normally rely on, it wasn't good enough.

"I'm not putting it back on the players, we're all in this together.

"I've got to look at myself. I'm selecting people who aren't doing a job for me.

"We're all in this together. It's not me pointing fingers at the players.

"Everything's got to be better because that is not acceptable."

Wild admitted confidence in the Town camp was suffering as a result of their poor form, which has now seen them win only twice in their last 13 games.

"Confidence isn't great but that's football, that's life," Wild said.

"We've got to pull ourselves out of it and find something within us to try and get us back to where we were."

Wild added: "Every time they broke in our box I thought they were going to score.

"There's no hiding from it. Every time the ball goes in our box we don't have enough men who want to put their head on things.

"My mantra is 'do the simple things well' and we aren't doing that at the moment.

"Things have got to change, I know that.

"But I've got what I've got, there's no room to bring anybody in, so I've got to get people out before I can get people in.

"That's the harsh reality of it. I can't just go and sign another centre-half or a centre-forward because I haven't got any wriggle room.

"I've got to make them better."

As well as losing Nathan Clarke and Jacob Hanson to injuries for the game, Wild said midfielder Liam Nolan picked up a hamstring injury after 20 minutes.

"Injuries aren't coming at a good time but that's not an excuse.

"People have been waiting for their chance, people wanted their chance, and then they produce that."

On the absence of left-back Jerome Binnom-Williams, Wild said: "Jerome wasn't involved due to something internal that I needed to deal with, and I've dealt with it."

Wild's decision to substitute Cameron King in the second-half was greeted by boos from some Halifax fans,

"We felt that Cam was doing OK, but we wanted to go two up top, and the only way we could do that was unfortunately sacrificing Cam King.

"Yeah, they can boo, that's fair enough, fair comment, but I had to sacrifice somebody to get a goalscorer on the pitch and Cam wasn't really offering a goal threat.

"He was doing a lot outside the box but wasn't offering that goal threat so I needed to try and get a goal threat on the pitch."

Striker Tobi Sho-Silva has come under criticism from a section of Town supporters, but Wild defended his forward.

"Tobi obviously needs to score more goals but in terms of his work-rate for the team, he's outstanding," he said.

"But that goes unnoticed when you're a centre-forward, it's all about scoring goals, I appreciate that, but the unselfish work he does for the team is exemplary."

Town conceded twice from corners, after also leaking goals to crosses against Notts County in their previous game.

"There's no hiding from that, and it's a massive area that we've got to get better at, and I've got to find players who are willing to go and put their head on the line in the box," Wild said.

"Unfortunately I haven't got that at the moment."