"They deserved the three points," says Millington after Bromley end Halifax's winning run

Chris Millington admitted Bromley deserved their win after FC Halifax Town's winning run was brought to an end with a 2-0 defeat at Hayes Lane.
Chris MillingtonChris Millington
Chris Millington

Two superb goals by Corey Whitely earned Bromley three points, and dealt a blow to Halifax's play-off hopes.

"We've just been Bromleyd, they've done what Bromley do, they've done what they do better than we've done what we do," Millington told the Courier.

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"I think there are mitigating circumstances, there are reasons, excuses, whatever you want to call them, but ultimately they deserved the three points."

When asked what the reasons were, Millington said: "I think the officiating was poor, but in particular the lead up to the first goal where Max Wright's fouled, and if he's not crumpled in a heap then he's in the position to defend Whitely when he strikes a wonderful finish, fair play to the lad.

"But had Max not been fouled, he'd have been in that position to defend that and hopefully affect it.

"That was one moment we feel went against us, then you've got a real tough task breaking down a Bromley team who are in the bottom three in the league for possession because they're not really that interested in having the ball, they want to put it forward as quickly as possible, they fight for possession high up the pitch and they've got the quality of Michael Cheek, Whitely and Olomola who can do what they've done today, which is lash in shots from 20 yards into the top corner."

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Town's hopes of getting anything from the game were dealt a hammer blow when Bromley scored their second goal a minute after half-time.

"Really devastating, but the positive is I think the lads stuck to the task, they kept trying, they kept going, kept trying to work opportunities but we just weren't good enough," Millington said.

"People can call it an excuse if they like but another reason is it's very hard to break down a well organised, hard working Bromley team on this dry, sticky pitch when they've got a two goal lead and they drop five men into the back line with three in-front of them protecting them.

"We're not a team who can just sling balls into the box and win headers, we don't have those types of players.

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"So if the surface and the conditions don't allow you to move the ball quickly it's always going to be a tough task."

When asked if he felt it was fair to describe Town as flat during the game, Millington said: "No I don't think so, I think we had a go, we tried our best, we moved the ball with real intent through the thirds.

"When we dropped them to the edge of their box, we struggled to find solutions but that's not out of flatness, lack of effort or lack of committment, it's just that Bromley get numbers behind the ball, they've got lots of big athletes who make it very difficult for you, they're well organised when they defend their own box and it made it incredibly difficult for us, the fact we were 2-0 down going into the second-half.

"But no, I thought the lads were bright, very energetic and really worked hard to work the ball through the thirds.

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"It might have looked flat once we got it into the final third but that's more a credit to Bromley than a criticism that can be levelled at the lads."

The Shaymen didn't manage a shot on target in the second-half, rarely threatening to get back into the game.

"They've got a big, solid back three who fill the box, then they've got two athletic wing-backs who tuck in, then they've got central midfielders who get back in and make it hard," said Millington.

"They don't give you time to work clear shooting opportunities.

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"There's no point in us lumping crosses into the box for Rob Harker to go to war with Webster, Reynolds and Kirk because he ain't going to win them.

"We've got to try and work the ball but then you factor in the fact it's a dry 3G then working the ball with any real tempo to unpick a very well organised back five is a tough ask for the very best teams - Man City would find it a level of challenge.

"There's no criticism from me for the way the lads have gone about it trying to implement a game-plan, it's just that Bromley have been better than us today and scored two wonderful finishes.

"Credit to them, they deserved the three points."

Adan George was shown a straight red card just before the end, along with a Bromley player.

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"The linesman doesn't know who hit who first but apparently they were hitting each other," Millington said.

"Adan George tells me that he was struck by the Bromley player while the goalkeeper was holding him and he's tried to protect himself so we'll have to have a look at the footage.

"I think both the Halifax and Bromley management teams are amazed at the officiating, and not in a positive way."

When asked if Town will appeal the decision, Millington said: "We reallly don't need that at this stage of the season with the current injury crisis we're going through.

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"We'll appeal it but you've got to be absolutely cast iron to win the appeal."

On why midfielder Florent Hoti didn't start, Millington said: "Just looking after him after the fall he had last week.

"The longer he plays on this hard surface, the more at risk he was of succumbing to that injury, so we just needed to protect that with the bigger picture in mind."