"They've worked incredibly hard, they've come together" - Millington relieved after "huge" victory at Woking

Chris MillingtonChris Millington
Chris Millington
Chris Millington described his side's 2-1 win at Woking as "huge" after The Shaymen came from behind to claim a precious victory.

Tylor Golden's dramatic late goal sealed the win for Town after Angelo Cappello's penalty cancelled out Woking's opener just before half-time.

"Amazing really," Millington said. "It's such a relief that the lads got something out of the game because there's been so many games this season where we've worked incredibly hard, and played a lot better, but we've come away with a point or nothing.

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"All I ever want for the lads is they get what their hard work deserves and today they've worked incredibly hard, they've come together, with one or two players missing, you've got Flo Hoti playing in a midfield two only recently back from quite a long lay-off, Adam Senior straight back in after missing three games, Keano coming in after not playing a great deal.

"They've had to perform for the best part of 100 minutes at an incredibly high level.

"We can't take lightly what it takes to be able to do that for 100 minutes and then be sharp and ready enough to take their opportunities when they present themselves, which thankfully they did."

Millington said the result was a "huge" win for his team.

"We've had games recently where we've not taken our chances and arguably on the balance of play deserved to win," he said.

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"We've had performances at Chesterfield, where with a touch of luck, we'd have at least drawn but possibly won.

"So we've felt a bit hard done to, the refereeing decisions went against us the other day and red cards we feel should have been given but haven't.

"We've had to get our heads down and continue to work incredibly hard, continue to follow our processes in the face of some real challenges.

"You can start to feel the luck's against you and as a group, the lads and the staff have continued to be consistent in how they approach everything.

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"I'm just pleased that's resulted in a positive outcome for us tonight."

The Town boss said his side had to work hard for the win against a tough Woking team.

"A typically challenging visit to Woking, that relentless style of keep putting it on you, sliding it wide and putting it in the box, it's very difficult to play against, and they do it incredibly well," he said.

"Here and Boreham Wood have always been the hardest places to come for that relentless style of play and the physical nature of the games.

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"Today was much the same in terms of the intensity and the challenge we faced.

"It's a tight pitch, you don't get any time on the ball. Woking are an incredibly well-drilled, hard-working team that just don't give you a minute's peace.

"The message pre-match was we had to match Woking for the intensity, for the physicality and if we do, we'd give ourselves a chance of getting something out of the game.

"I thought the latter stages of the first-half, their intensity showed and they created three or four really good chances, the goal being one, off our errors.

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"As soon as we made an error, they were on us and they exploited it. There were three or four occasions where that happened in the first-half, and you just can't afford to make sloppy mistakes against them because they exploit them, at pace.

"We did that in the first-half. Second-half their level of intensity remained really high but we made them work for their chances rather than giving them off the back of our own mistakes."

Town keeper Sam Johnson was at fault for Woking's goal, but produced a magnificent save shortly before Halifax's winner.

"The save was just phenomenal," Millington said. "Sam admits he should have done better on their goal.

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"We were down the barrel of it and we could see the ball moved so it's not maybe as simple as people might think but we expect Sam to do better in that moment.

"But then he's showed his value at the end where he's made a save that, by rights, he probably shouldn't have.

"But because of the calibre of him as a goalkeeper, he's been able to get across his goal and make an incredible save.

"We need Sam Johnson, he's a massive influence on the team, Jordan Keane brings that same experience and bit of composure and calmness, and Jack hunter and Jamie Stott bring some of that, even though they've still got a lot to achieve."

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Millington agreed with the decision to award Town their penalty.

"I think so yeah, it was fairly straightforward," he said.

"That's always the threat we carry with the likes of Milli Alli, Andrew Oluwabori, Angelo Cappello, those players who can drive in one v one situations, especially around the box."

On the 97th minute winner, Millington said: "Another one we were pretty much down the barrel of.

"I was pretty calm, the rest of the staff and the subs were piling down the touchline but I did think we were going to get one more chance.

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"It felt like a night where we'd ridden a bit of a storm at times, we'd hung in there in moments but then the second-half performance was building to something.

"It felt like we'd get that last big chance and I'm glad it fell to Tylor because he's become such a consistent performer.

"I'm over the moon for him because he deserves that."