"Things are going well at the minute" - Shaymen winger Max on the Wright track at Town

Max Wright is one of the first names on Chris Millington's team sheet at the moment.
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Only four outfield players have made more appearances for Town this season than the winger, who is joint top-scorer following the departure of Milli Alli.

Wright's time on loan at Town last season was disrupted by fitness issues, following on from making just 30 league appearances over the previous three seasons.

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But now the 25-year-old is fit and firing, high on confidence and enjoying his football.

Max WrightMax Wright
Max Wright

"I am in that zone and I'm just waiting for every game," he said.

"Instead of it being 'can I get on the pitch?', now I know I'm on the pitch, I'm looking at can I get assists and goals?

"What I will say is, even though I'm in that nice zone, I am always cautious in the back of my mind.

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"It's not just 'oh great, turn up and play', I'm still being so careful with my body and injuries and making sure the first thing I do is get minutes, and then when I've got minutes, the second thing is 'am I starting?', OK great, then when I'm starting, 'OK can I play well?', and them I'm looking at 'can I get a goal or assist?'.

"So I'm in a good little place but there is still a lot of thoughts going on in terms of staying fit, I don't want to overdo it.

"But the good thing is I have really good conversations with the gaffer and the staff, and they really have helped me this year to get back on my feet.

"It didn't take much doing but other clubs didn't seem to have the time for that, but so far this season it's been pretty good for me with the gaffer and the staff."

Is this Wright's best spell of form since joining Halifax?

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"Yes, I would say so, the past 10, 15 games have probably been the best since I've been here,” he said.

"I've just settled in and I'm really happy.

"My first goal was to have a lack of injuries and play games, and get back enjoying playing football again and I've done all three of those.

"Things just sometimes come together and at the moment, we've been playing a bit better and I've been playing a bit higher up the pitch because obviously I had a ten-game spell at right-back.

"Things are going well at the minute, I'm happy and I can't complain, it's been going well for me so far."

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The foundation for Wright's impressive performances has been an improvement in his fitness levels.

"The past two games wouldn't suggest that - I've been absolutely knackered!," he joked.

"With that pitch, and we've had six or seven games in the past month, the past two games I've been absolutely knackered.

"But yeah, I think I've had 30 appearances this year, cup and league, so that would put me in pretty good fitness levels.

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"I definitely have that and that's your base, once you've got that you can kick on, start doing even better and get some goals and assists, which thankfully have started happening for me.

"In the past ten games, I've got five assists and three goals.

"It's coming together but fitness is important and that's the best it's been so far, so that's always going to help when it comes to the games."

Wright says a tailored approach to his individual requirements has helped him get much more game-time.

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"Surprisingly, you'd think you'd get that at a lot of other places but other teams have got bigger squads or you might not be as important a factor in another team - if you're the best player in a team they're going to look after you but in my previous two clubs, I wasn't that," he said.

"I'm still not saying I am that now but what I will say is, it's not massively different to any of the other players in the team, but absolutely, there's always conversations going round between my and physio about how many games have I done recently.

"Sometimes I'll come in on a Monday and they'll just say 'listen, you've done a lot recently, we'll stick you in the gym, do some recovery, do some weights, just stay off your legs' and that always helps.

"I don't know if I was going to be starting or on the bench on Tuesday but I had a chat with the gaffer recently and he was saying 'we might take your load down a little bit'.

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"I'm in good form but I've started six in a row and played nineties in nearly all of them, so I had a chat with him recently where he said we might take your load down and look after you a bit.

"If I'm going to be fair to them, it's a really intelligent conversation from the gaffer where he's said 'instead of me pushing you one or two games too far and losing you for a month, why don't I just bench or not play you and then I've got you for that other month we might have missed you'.

"So they really look after me, there's a programme, they tailor it, we talk all the time about loading, how much I've done and how my body feels.

"It's a really good cohesive unit for me with Azza and the gaffer and the staff, it's really good."

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Wright is also enjoying a sustained run of games in his natural position as a right-winger.

"That definitely helps," he said. "I'm going to get more goals playing in that position, it definitely helps but in general, it's not important where I play, it's important what the best formation is for the team and if that means I've got to sacrifice my best out-and-out position for another one, then so be it. As long as we're playing well.

"When I was playing right-back I think we went on a six, seven game unbeaten run.

"I think I scored one goal in that time but I was like 'well, it is what it is, as long as we're winning, I'm happy'."

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Town had won three games in a row before Tuesday night's home game with Chesterfield was postponed.

"We were all really looking forward to the game but if we're going to try and stay positive, which is important, it's more time to rest for everyone," Wright said.

"We've had so many games in the past month, it's important for rest, including myself, I've done a lot recently, it gives lads who are injured another game to get back for, it allows that pitch to recover because it's an absolute swamp!

"We wanted to play but you've got to look at the positives sometimes and say there is a couple of good things coming out of it."

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The Shaymen have recovered from six matches without a win, including three straight defeats, with three consecutive wins.

"It depends how you look at it," Wright said when asked to assess The Shaymen's current form, "because you could look at it and say 'Dorking, Maidenhead and Woking, none of them are poor teams but they're not above us in the table'.

"Before that it was Solihull and Aldershot, both above us, so you could say we've beaten three teams not as good as us.

"But if you watch football, and especially this league, every team can beat anybody.

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"Football is full of runs - good runs, bad runs, runs of not conceding many, being undefeated.

"At the minute, we're on a good little run of three games and that's only a week really.

"It is a step in the right direction but every game we're trying and the games are difficult, we lost to Wealdstone away, who are below us but that was such a tough game.

"Aldershot are a great team, Solihull are a great team, but a lot of the games are 2-1 - Aldershot was 2-1, Solihull was 3-1 - close games, and so are the wins.

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"Picking up a couple of wins is difficult enough as it is without going on a run so I think sometimes people need to realise you're not going to win every week and you're not going to have four or five undefeated all the time.

"But it's a decent little start of a run I'd say."

Town are on the fringes of the play-offs but have played more than the three teams above them.

"We've got quite a light squad, we've haven't got loads of backup and we've got some injuries," Wright said.

"Towards the end of the season it's make or break isn't it, for every team.

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"As a team, we're bonding, all the lads get on really well and a good bit of form always helps with confidence and pushes you, but we'll have to just see, see how the run goes.

"I'm excited for the end of the season and hoping we sneak in those play-offs.

"It will be difficult, there's some good teams in there so if we can sneak into those last two play-off spots, then fantastic but we're all optimistic and really excited for the run-in and to see if we can get a push for it going."

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