"This is as disappointed as I've been all season," says Millington after Yeovil defeat

Town boss Chris Millington said he was as disappointed as he has been all season after The Shaymen lost 1-0 at strugglers Yeovil.
Chris Millington. Photo: Marcus BranstonChris Millington. Photo: Marcus Branston
Chris Millington. Photo: Marcus Branston

Matt Worthington's penalty proved decisive in a game where Halifax failed to turn their superiority into any points in their first league defeat in five games.

"I think we did enough up until the box and then we got the ball in the box and we didn't finish them off," Millington said.

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"We've had some really good chances in the first-half, we had a real strong spell in the first 15-20 minutes where we were in absolute control.

"And they're the moments where you've got to take the lead and we don't do that often enough, we don't put the ball in the back of the net when we're on top often enough.

"We've got to keep the opposition to a nil at the moment to give ourselves a chance of winning the game.

"It's not really about what Yeovil have done today, it's more about what we failed to do, which is put the ball in the back of the net."

Millington felt it was an opportunity lost for his side.

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"I can't describe how disappointed I am at the moment, this is as disappointed as I've been all season with a result because we want to go on runs, we want to show the league what we're capable of, we want people to look at our run of form and acknowledge what a good team we can be," he said.

"Today feels like a missed opportunity."

On the match-winning penalty, Millington said: "We defend as a team, and I'd argue that should have been a 0-0 if anything, because I don't believe it was a penalty

"It's interesting when a referee's getting booed off by a team who are desperate for wins and they've just had a 1-0 from a penalty he's given, so it shows what a poor game he's had.

"I didn't see the penalty clear enough but the lads tell me it was never a pen.

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"And their lad getting sent-off, from what I could see, looked like a strange decision.

"And there were loads in the game, probably equally as poor for both teams, but the big one that's decided the game is the penalty.

Town are now the joint-lowest scorers in the National League, having netted just 17 times in 20 outings.

"We've got to be better at finishing, we've got to take more opportunities," said Millington.

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"Having Matty Warburton back in and around it, he's got to become match sharp again, but he's a goal threat.

"We need more goals from different areas of the pitch, we've got to be more of a threat off set-pieces and we need more off the strikers.

"We've had chances today and not taken them.

"We've got no-one to blame but ourselves so it's incredibly frustrating.

When asked if he feels he has enough goals in the squad or whether the issue needs to be addressed with new signings, Millington said: "That's the sixty-four thousand dollar question.

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"We've got players like Jordan Slew who are yet to come back, we've got Yamen Osawe, who we've got to get available for games.

"We've got Mani Dierseruvwe, Rob Harker, Jamie Cooke, Matty Warburton - these lads are all goalscorers and they've got to start weighing in with more than they are doing at the moment.

"We defend as a team and every time we keep a clean sheet it's as a result of everybody contributing to that, so the forwards contribute in that sense, but we need them to do a job at the other end of the pitch more regularly."

Chesterfield forward Michael Gyasi, who Halifax were linked with, joined Gloucester on loan today.

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On whether the defeat at Yeovil would accelerate any plans for bringing in a new forward, Millington said: "If the right one came up, who we knew was going to contribute with goals, we would get them straight away but it isn't as simple as that.

"Clearly, Michael Gyasi is the type of player that's being offered around and the only club willing to take him were Gloucester.

"If there's a player going to guarantee you goals and do the rest of the jobs required from a striker, then clearly we're going to take them.

"But we've got to find them first.

"What we don't want to do is bring in a loan player from an under 21's team who may or may not be able to contribute and spend five games finding out before discovering that they can't.

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"So we're not going to take that kind of risk with our league form."

On Yamen Osawe's absence, Millington said: "He had a niggle, but more importantly, with Milli Alli, Jesse Debrah and one or two others having illnesses, we felt it was prudent to have Tom Scott on the bench for a trip like this because we didn't want to wake up Saturday morning and find that Sam Johnson was ill and risk not having a keeper available."

On defender Jesse Debrah's absence, Millington said: "He's definitely better than he was but he's still very poorly."

On winger Jordan Slew, Millington said: "He's not far off, he's training, but some movement is still a bit restricted and it'd be a risk to involve him at this stage."

Milli Alli was also not involved.

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"He came down on Friday with what sounds like something similar to Jesse," Millington said.

"They share the clubhouse so it wouldn't be surprising if he's picked something up."

And on captain Tom Clarke, the Town boss said: "He's on the road to recovery and we'd expect him to be in full training by the end of this coming week."

Millington confirmed winger Sam Smart is back among the squad after returning from loan at Dagenham and Redbridge.

"His partner gave birth at the weekend and he's now a dad so he's enjoying that, but he's back around it now and available for selection," Millington said.

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