Wealdstone 1-2 FC Halifax Town: Wild praises Town's character and resilience after comeback win

FC Halifax Town boss Pete Wild praised the character and resilience of his side after their comeback victory at Wealdstone.

By Tom Scargill
Saturday, 6th March 2021, 5:42 pm
Pete Wild. Photo: Richard King
Pete Wild. Photo: Richard King

"How many chances have we had today? That's been the story of our season hasn't it, not taking our chances," said Wild.

"I think we should have had a penalty after three minutes, why would Jeff (King) go down if it's not a pen.

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"I think their goal's offside, the linesman's five yards behind play so he doesn't know.

"But it's bad goal to give away and it's something we've been working on stopping is first-half goals.

"But yet again, the character. We know we're always going to create chances, it's just taking them.

"Really good, clever play from Woodsy and Jeff for the free-kick for the goal, and Jake Hyde's where he should be.

"Jake's back, and we're all pleased for him.

"Then we're pushing and pushing, we change our shape to bring Jamie Allen on and get three forwards on the pitch, and what a winner."

Wild admits he was wondering how his side were behind at half-time to Wealdstone's only effort of the half.

"I was, but I knew we had so much more in us," he said.

"Having watched Wealdstone recently, I knew after about 60 minutes they run out of gas, they have done in their last three games.

"We're the fittest team in the league and we've shown it again today.

"We've gone for 95, 96 minutes and don't look tired or stretched."

Wild was frustrated that Town again conceded first in a game.

"That's something we are trying to address, something we're all aware of that we need to stop giving away the first goal," he said.

"But it's a good job we've got a lot of character about us because we keep finding a way to come back and win, which the fans should be really pleased with, the resilience the boys are showing at the moment."

Wild was delighted to see striker Hyde rewarded with a goal, his first since coming back from a hamstring injury.

"The shots we've had today, all but one I reckon Jake Hyde was stood between the sticks, so he's exactly where he should be," he said.

"That's why we brought him here, a proven goalscorer."

And on match-winner Earing, Wild said: "Jack's on a great run of form, the development in him in the last 12 months in phenomenal.

"He's done that, we've helped him but we've done that.

"In training, he's doing all the one per cent's right, he's not strolling, he's trying to make himself better, he's training properly, he's watching analysis more than anyone else.

"I referred to him in the team meeting yesterday because he's doing everything right and he's playing well.

"I thought Kieran Green and Martin Woods were excellent in and out of possession today, I thought they controlled the game with and without the ball as a two, which allowed the rest of the team a platform to play."

Loanee Billy Chadwick started the game on the bench after returning to The Shay from Hull.

"Billy only came in to train yesterday," Wild said. "The deal wasn't done until probably about quarter to 11 on Thursday night, so the team had been picked, we'd done a load of work on Thursday leading up to the game.

"It just wasn't right to start him.

"Jamie Allen picked up a sore Achilles in a tackle on Thursday and I just felt I needed to be cautious with all these games.

"But I knew they'd come on at some point and change the game and I thought both of them had a real impact."

On Chadwick's return, Wild added: "We were told we had first refusal because of how we'd looked after him before, which really pleases me, that clubs are trusting us with their young players and we're building a rapport with these teams.

"Obviously our plight has been well documented in terms of finances, and I must say Hull have been unbelievable in how accommodating they've been.

"I told them what we could and couldn't do and they've been very amenable in what they've done, so I can't thank them enough."

The loan may well be extended for the rest of the season, with Wild adding: "Hull wanted to do 30 days, I think they want to see if we play him, and they don't want to commit if they're going to have injuries.

"So we'll see where it takes us, if we have him for 30 days fantastic, if we have him for the full season, even better."