"We're a team who are changing how we play" - Millington says Shaymen have to start picking up points but says it's not all doom and gloom

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Halifax boss Chris Millington admits his team is in a sticky spell but is confident they will get out of it.

The Shaymen are now without a win in six games after losing 3-1 at home to Solihull Moors, who led 3-0 after an hour before Luke Summerfield's penalty.

"Obviously disappointed with the result first and foremost," Millington told the Courier.

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"We want to be winning games, we need to be winning games, we've got to start picking up points.

Chris MillingtonChris Millington
Chris Millington

"But what is vitally important is that people realise this is, crazy to say it halfway through a season, a team in transition.

"We lost an important player to us who afforded us the ability to play a certain way in Milli Alli, which was very successful for us, obviously we don't have him anymore and we've had to change how we play to be able to create more chances, to be able to dominate possession more.

"We were quite comfortable being the team who didn't have the ball and were hard-working, well organised and difficult to beat.

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"But now we've got to be something different, that'd what we've committed to over the last few games.

Andy CooperAndy Cooper
Andy Cooper

"We've started to see it really start to click in the second-half and so, much as I'm disappointed with the result, much as I'm disappointed with the first-half, I'm really buoyed by the way the lads have approached what we've asked them to do once they've got that sticky, nervous, anxious first 45 out of the way."

Halifax produced a dreadful first-half performance and struggled to create anything, playing far too slowly and lacking urgency.

"We weren't second-half, I think first-half we were slightly nervous," Millington said.

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"I think they were two nervous teams. Until the first goal goes in, there's nothing between them and both teams looked nervous, anxious, scared to move the ball, scared to penetrate, reluctant to press because they didn't want to get picked off.

"So there was no difference between the two teams.

"It was a really strange, unfortunate first goal where we know exactly what Solihull do, they drive corners to the back stick for the big men to head back across and usually try to score off the seconds, but in that case it's just looped and seems to have confused one or two players and ended up in the back of our net.

"We won't concede another one like that probably for seasons to come, it's a completely unique goal.

"Then we concede a second not long after off a sticky, unfortunate clearance and two goals that nobody could have predicted, and we're 2-0 down.

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"Had that been the other way and we'd have been the ones on the right end of a couple of lucky goals then it would have been Solihull who'd have looked sticky and awkward in their passing."

Halifax failed to have a shot on or off target in the first-half.

"That was a large result of the fact that we concede off the first shot, and then there's a wave of nervousness and anxiety that washes through the team," said Millington.

"If one of the corners we had in the first-half had looped in fortuitously, it would have been the opposite way around. Unfortunately, it wasn't."

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When asked if he thought it was a fair result, the Town boss said: "I don't think anyone would have begrudged us a point out of it, the way we dominated second-half.

"The first two goals were very unlucky and we've created the better of the chances, we've created more chances and I think if we'd come away with a point it would probably have been fair on the balance of play, but Solihull will feel content that they've done a job on us away from home.

"But I can't reiterate enough how positive I am after the second-half performance, knowing that we're a team who are changing how we play, we're having to change style, we can't play the way we played for the first-half of the season.

"Through no fault of the lads, but they've got to commit to a new way of playing, and they have done, they've shown how effective they can be in it in the second-half."

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On how long Town's new style of play will take to implement, Millington said: "It's implemented, you saw it second-half, it is implemented, absolutely no two ways about it.

"They've shown they can do it, what they've got to do is commit to it from the beginning.

"You saw nerves and anxiety in both teams and I think that first goal was crucial, had it been us who'd have looped a header in off a corner then the story might have been very different, but it wasn't.

"So we've got to start brighter, we've got to start the way we started the second-half, front foot, much more committed to the press, much more willing to go and win the ball back higher up the pitch and that translates with how we play then with our line-breaking passing."

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The half-time and full-time whistles were both met with chants of 'We Want Milly Out' and boos from some of the Town fans.

"My focus is absolutely on us trying to get the best out of this group of players," Millington said when asked about the frustrations of the supporters at Town's slump in form.

"We've got a way, we've got a system and we just need to start making those performances last for 90 minutes rather than 45.

"When we do, we've shown we can dominate teams, we can create chances, we're getting bodies in the box and had it been a different result today I think people would have gone away very enthusiastic about what the rest of the season would hold.

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"But as a result of a couple of really unfortunate goals in the first-half, everybody goes away feeling like it's all doom and gloom, but it's not."

Millington added: "We're in a sticky spell, of course we are, but every team has them other than Chesterfield, every team has them and what we've got is slightly more challenging circumstances than most.

"But I'm positive and I feel they've shown in large spells against Aldershot and in a really large spell of the game today what we're capable of and it's only a matter of time before those performances turn into results."

On his team selection, with just one change from Saturday's defeat to Aldershot, Millington said: "There was a temptation to make more changes, the change with Senior for Golden was more around aerial threat and the first goal is an example of it.

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"We know what a threat they are off set-pieces and they've scored an awful lot of their goals off set-pieces, so it gave us an extra presence aerially.

"But after meetings we had yesterday off the back of Saturday' performance, I was confident the lads understood where they needed to focus their attention in certain moments of the game around controlling possession for longer periods, around filling certain areas to get us forward.

"We didn't do it effectively in the first-half but they certainly did in the second-half."

And when asked whether Tylor Golden had been dropped because of a post-match spat with Angelo Cappello, Millington said: "No, not at all. There was a spat in-match, there was no spat post-match.

"That was at best handbags."