Halifax RLFC: New half back is settling in at Shay

HALIFAX half back Danny Jones has admitted he is still "finding his feet" ahead of next week's Northern Rail Cup opener against Swinton.

Jones, who re-signed for his hometown club in the autumn after a three-season stint with Keighley, made the second appearance of his second spell in last weekend's 26-24 warm-up defeat by Hull KR.

But the former Ovenden junior - who has yet to play with likely scrumbase partner Ben Black because of illness and injury - is well aware there are no quick fixes.

"I'm breaking myself into the team, really," he said.

"It will take a few more games before I find my feet and people understand how I want to play.

"It's completely different to when I was here before: the way we play is different, a lot of the players are different and I'm not the same player I was when I left.

"Everyone is blowing the cobwebs away, getting used to playing with the new players and finding their feet.

"I think it will help when Ben comes back.

"He's been in the side a couple of years, he's got his plays he likes to put on, and I think I will feel more comfortable when he comes into the team.

"It's not going to click into place straight away, but when it does we will be hard to beat."

One thing Jones highlighted after the last-play loss to Rovers was the importance of controlling possession.

"I keep banging on about it, but we'll be a better team when we see out a few more sets," he said.

"When we got to doing that against Hull KR, we scored some tries, and that speaks volumes about what completing sets can do for you.

"If it's on, it's good to shift the ball sometimes, but sometimes it's better to stick hold and play for the kick."

The coalition Government has been accused of breaking promises over funding for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

Rugby Football League chairman Richard Lewis, who is also chairman of Sport England, launched his attack in an address to MPs and members of the House of Lords at the annual dinner of the Rugby League All Party Parliamentary Group at Westminster on Tuesday night.

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged his support for the World Cup in a video presentation at the tournament launch in Manchester in November but organisers fear they will lose crucial funding as a result of the Government's decision to replace nine regional development agencies, such as Yorkshire Forward, with local enterprise partnerships.

The RFL, who won the right to host the 14-team tournament and are currently organising a series of seminars to unearth venues, believe the decision could cost them in excess of 1million pledged by the agencies.

"There has been a huge amount of interest in the Rugby League World Cup," Lewis told the MPs and peers. "In fact, everything was set fair for a very successful tournament.

"All the more disappointing, therefore, that this Government has not stated unequivocally that they will honour contracts and commitments already in place through regional agencies.

"Not meeting spending commitments in the future is one thing but breaking existing contracts and commitments is another thing altogether.