Another president from Sunshine gang

IF you were a captain at a local golf club in 2003 and you haven't yet been asked to be president of the Halifax-Huddersfield Union then brace yourself for a phone call.

Outlane's Phil Tatlock will become the fourth captain from that year to become the figurehead of the local Union when he takes over from Bradley Park's Richard Kaye in 2012.

Local club captains usually see plenty of each other during their year in office as they do the rounds of events and club dinners together.

Tatlock said: "We were known as the Sunshine Boys because when we were captains in 2003 it must have been the hottest summer for about 500 years!"

For the record, the three other men who have gone on to be Union president are Elland's Peter Thompson (1995), Woodsome Hall's Albert Guest (2005) and Bradley Park's Fred Ibberson (2006).

Tatlock's credentials for the job are good. A player for 25 years, he has been on the Union's executive for six years and sponsors secretary for the last five. As well as being captain at Outlane, he was also the club's director of house from 2004 until last year.

The invitation to be president still came as a pleasant surprise for Tatlock but the timing of it was perfect.

The 60-year-old is retiring from his business, Expressions Kitchens at Lockwood, and the 17-handicapper then plans to throw himself into his new task.

It was Tatlock's business which drew him into golf in the first place. His sporting interests were centred on clay pigeon shooting until a supplier invited him to a corporate golf event and his interest in the sport flourished from there.

Tatlock lives in Meltham and played at his local club before switching to Outlane in 1994.

The Union was formed at West End in 1947 and after waiting 60 years to provide their first president, Allan Woodhead in 2007, Outlane will now have had two in the space of six years.

"I know Allan very well and I will be asking him and lots of other people for advice," said Tatlock.

"I am really looking forward to it and my wife Liz was very much behind me taking the role," he said.

HOVE Edge club Crow Nest Park has record levels of seven day membership, bucking the national trend.

However, the club has announced a reduced first year annual subscription of 330 for a midweek five day membership which is now available to first time members.

In addition if the new members pays before the end of February, then they can play for 15 months for the same fee.

The current price of a five day membership is 440.

Club manager Les Holmes said: "I believe that this offer will generate a great deal of interest, so it is limited to the first 30 applicants."

The AGM of West End Golf Club's ladies section took place yesterday.

Officers and committee for 2011: Captain, K. Armitage; Vice-captain, B. Rollinson; Past Captain, R. Button; Secretary, R. Hughes; Treasurer, L. Jamieson. Committee: L. Ingham, M. Currell, J. Young, J. Stimpson, M. Calvert.

Major competition winners: Mitchell Cup - J. L. Ingham. Oates Bowl - R. Button. Illingworth Bowl - L. Jamieson. Marian Place Trophy - P. Morse. Gross Brooch (36 holes) S. Wilby. Best Nett 1st day - F. Ives. Best nett 2nd day - R. Helliwell. Medal Finalist Trophy - A. M. Stevens. Emily Farmery Trophy - M. Calvert. Mary Whitaker Trophy - C. Hulme. Marie Grey Claret Jug - C. Hulme. Breakthrough Brooch Medal - J. Airey. Eclectic - K. Seabrook. LGU Medal - C. Hulme. Birdie Tree: Silver Division - K. Seabrook. Bronze Division - R. Hughes, D. Nicholson and J. Young. Golf Foundation Brooch - J. Airey.