Booth stopped in his belt bid

Dale Booth failed in his attempt to win a Yorkshire Challenge Belt at Friday’s Halifax Police Amateur Boxing Club show at their Ladyship Mills base in Ovenden.

The 34-year-old heavyweight was stopped by Ryan Fuller from Hull’s Vulcan ABC in the first round of their contest.

The powerfully-built Fuller had inflicted a similar defeat on the Halifax man in an earlier meeting and his useful right hand sent Booth tumbling to the canvas a couple of minutes into the fight.

Booth was soon on his feet and keen to carry on but the referee would have none of it and brought an abrupt end to almost four hours of action, featuring 14 bouts, at Halifax’s well-attended first show of the season.

There was disappointment for Sarah Peel, who went down unanimously to fellow debutant Rosie Mathieson from Clayton in Lancashire, and the highly-rated Vinny Atkins lost a split points decision to Tewksbury’s Adam Harper, one of several long-distance raiders at the event.

However, the Halifax club still had plenty to celebrate with debut wins for Jacub Danihel and Miroslav Tomsa and other successes for Arran Greenwood, Kyle Scully, Chris Godridge, Joe Wilkinson and Jack Sellers, who avenged a recent loss at the hands of Scott Moran from the Blackpool Kingscote club.

Tomsa, who produced an explosive start to his fight but was then pushed all the way by another Gloucestershire boxer in Callum Chew, won the young fighter of the night award.

Wilkinson is still a teenager but he took the senior award after a majority points win against Carlisle’s Scott Clarkson, who had knocked out his previous two opponents.

RESULTS: N.Hussain (Sheffield City) bt N.Armstrong (Currock House, Carlisle) unanimous points; A.Greenwood (Halifax) bt C.Hall (York) majority points; J.Danihel (Halifax) bt J.Whitworth (Cleckheaton) ref stopped contest in third; M.Tomsa (Halifax) bt C.Shaw (Tewksbury) majority points; K.Scully (Halifax) bt M.Devitt (Pally Park, Middlesbrough) majority decision; S.Maskeen (Halifax) lost to C.Shaw (York) unanimous points; A.Hanson (Halifax) lost to K.Ibitson (Pally Park, Middlesbrough) unanimous points; C.Godridge (Halifax) bt T.Barter (Tewksbury) majority points; V.Atkins (Halifax) lost to A.Harper (Tewksbury) majority points; J.Wilkinson (Halifax) bt S.Clarkson (Currock House, Carlisle) majority points; S.Peel (Halifax) lost to R.Mathieson (Clayton) unanimous points; K.Holdsworth (Halifax) lost to D.Croft (York) unanimous points; J.Sellars (Halifax) bt S.Moran (Blackpool Kingscote) unanimous points; D.Booth (Halifax) lost to R.Fuller (Vulcan, Hull) ref stopped contest in first.