Bowers shows champion class in narrow victory

Former Halifax Champion Martin Bowers was the star performer of the night after he scored an hugely impressive maximum for his team HTTC Panthers in a narrow 5-4 Halifax Table Tennis Winter League victory against HTTC Warriors B.

Alan Veal offered solid support to Bowers by collecting two wins while for Warriors, Sean Forbes recorded two wins to keep his side in the contest.

However, although both Keith Skarz and Alan Wright chipped in with one win apiece they were unable to stop Panthers from taking the spoils.

The outstanding match in Division Two saw Greetland Social Club B claim a hard fought 5-4 victory against BT.

Malcolm Fowler led the way with a splendid maximum for Greetland and he was well supported by team mate Chris Lowson who chipped in with two wins to secure their nail-biting victory.

Three BT players contributing to the team’s losing cause with Lyndon Harris earning two wins while Mick Reddy and Gary Taylor both chipped in with one set each but it was too little too late.

Leading Averages

Division One: Ian Tweedale (Grasshoppers A, 96.30%), Martin Bowers (Panthers, 90.91), Matthew Stephens (Panthers B, 84.31), Gabriel Wilding (Grasshoppers A, 83.33), Tony Boyd (Grasshoppers A, 81.48), Matthew Shaw (Greetland A, 77.78), Marcus Reynolds (Greetland A 71.79), James Mason (Greetland A, 76.19), Mark Whiteley (Warriors A, 76.19), James Foster (Panthers B, 75.93), Jack Dabrowski (Grasshoppers A, 70.37).

Division Two: Cliff Edens (Old Town Hares, 97.78), Malcolm Fowler (Greetland 2, 87.88), Justin Harris (Old Town Hares, 84.44), Mick Reddy (BT, 83.33), Lyndon Harris (BT, 82.05), Chris Lowson (Greetland 2, 80.95), Connor Pollard (Popp A, 76.19), Dave Whiteley (Oakland, 75.00), Eric Greenwood (Dolphins, 74.51), Steve Thomas (Central 1, 73.33).

Division Three: Trevor Kershaw (Sowerby 2, 91.67), Jake Clark (Popp C, 88.89), John Schofield (Rambridge, 80.00), Brian Chapman (Senior Citizens, 77.78), James Rickard (Old Town Hounds, 77.78), John Wasilewski (Northowram MJM, 77.08), Phillip Parry (Sowerby 2, 74.51), George Ward (Old Town Hounds, 73.33), Martyn Halliday (Northowram MJM, 70.59).

Division One & Three End Of Season Handicap Cup Competition

Matches to be played March 5.

Group One: Old Town Hounds v Old Town Hoods, HxTTC Ramsbridge v HxTTC Popp C.

Group Two: HxTTC Panthers A v Old Town Robins, Sowerby 2 v HxTTC Grasshoppers B.

Group Three: HxTTC Warriors B v Northowram G, HxTTC Popp B v Greetland Social A.

Group Four: HxTTC Warriors A v Northowram MJM, HxTTC Senior Citizens, HxTTC Grasshoppers A.

Group Five: HxTTC Rainbows 1 v HxTTC Panthers B, HxTTC Rainbows 2, HxTTC Hermits.

Matches to be played March 12.

Group One: HxTTC Popp C v Old Town Hounds, Old Town Hoods v HxTTC Ramsbridge.

Group Two: HxTTC Grasshoppers B v HxTTC Panthers A, Old Town Robins v Sowerby 2.

Group Three: Greetland Social A v HxTTC Warriors B, Northowram G v HxTTC Popp B.

Group Four: HxTTC Grasshoppers A v HxTTC Warriors A, Northowram MJM v HxTTC Senior Citizens.

Group Five: HxTTC Hermits v HxTTC Rainbows 1, HxTTC Panthers B v HxTTC Rainbows 2.

Matches to be played March 19.

Group One: HxTTC Ramsbridge v Old Town Hounds, HxTTC Popp C v Old Town Hoods.

Group Two: Sowerby 2 v HxTTC Panthers A, HxTTC Grasshoppers B v Old Town Robins.

Group Three: HxTTC Popp B v HxTTC Warriors B, Greetland Social A v Northowram G.

Group Four: HxTTC Senior Citizens v HxTTC Warriors A, HxTTC Grasshoppers A v Northowram MJM.

Group Five: HxTTC Rainbows 2 v HxTTC Rainbows 1, HxTTC Hermits v HxTTC Panthers B.