Breaking down the myths and barriers that surround Yoga

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One of the best plus points to practicing Yoga is that it instantly gives you that feel-good factor! It helps you to work not only on your body through increasing flexibility and building strength, but also on your precious mind.

Through its holistic mind/body nurturing, you’ll find your feel-good factor and energy levels blossoming.

All you need is your yoga mat, and some time and space to enjoy your practice whether that’s at home or in a teacher-led class. So what’s stopping you?


Many people contact me wanting to start yoga but never quite get there due to worries and concerns, the majority of which are myths that I love to clear up. So here’s a low down of what yoga IS and ISN’T in case you’re having the same quandaries:


Yoga is for everyone: regardless of your age, sex, background and ability, the door to yoga is open to all.

A good class should always be welcoming, warm and without judgement - a home from home type environment. Yoga isn’t just for the super flexible: we don’t have to touch our toes or bend in ways you wouldn’t think possible etc!

With yoga YOU work to YOUR own ability, WE create a little extra challenge and therefore encourage you to be the best you can, whilst developing progress and self improvement. Yoga is a holistic practice: by this I mean a total mind and body nourishment.

There’s no other sport or practice like it! You balance the mind and body through centering, pranayama (breathwork), asanas flexing and strengthening the whole body (poses) and deep relaxation.

So if you think Yoga might be for you, but you’re not quite confident enough to take that first step, I hope these reassurances help you to spring into action.

Try the following pose at home or in a teacher led class to see if you can achieve the yogic mind/body bliss...


Yoga unblocks stuck and stubborn pockets of energy throughout the body.

You bring what the yogis call prana, or ‘life force,’ into the body through breath and movement.

You’re boosting the circulatory system and awakening the nervous system, and in doing so bringing new life and vitality into the body and mind.

The following pose focusses on unblocking stagnant energy throughout your back, which in turn nourishes the whole body. When we elongate the spine, it energises the nervous system which is why yoga back bends are so invigorating.At the same time you’re opening up your heart and chest muscles, which feels wonderful!

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) - Step by step instructions

1. Lying on your back, bend your knees and place feet flat on the floor hip distance apart. Arms are down by your sides, palms facing down

2. With your next inhale lift your hips towards the sky and allow your breath to flow deeply and calmly

3. Feel a warm energy glowing in your lower spine as you energise and nourish

4. There should be a small gap between chin and chest, your face is relaxed and your gaze is just past your nose or your’e practicing with eyes closed

5. Stay here for 10-12 deep breaths or until you feel fatigue, then exhale as you slowly release by bringing your bottom back down to the floor

6. Relax before coming out of the pose fully

Let your yoga practice nourish you from within and enjoy the benefits throughout the days and weeks ahead.

Namaste, Adele x

If you want to know more go to or contact Adele on 07794866160.Her classes are held at Aachen Hall, King Cross, Halifax