Calderdale’s long stay at top ended

Calderdale’s nine-year stay in Division One of the Federation’s National League is over after defeat to Rochdale last weekend.

The three-times champions were relegated when they lost their final match of the season by 428-397, taking 11 points to their opponents’ 21.

That meant they finished second from bottom of the five-team section, just one point behind South Derbyshire with Fylde the other team to drop.

The away team at Bamford BC went down 210-191 and the home team at Kingston SC lost by 218-206.

A vigorous mopping up operation ensured the match in Rochdale started on time with the waterlogged conditions seemingly negating some of the home advantage.

However, the first four jacksproved the theory suspect as only Ian Holden (Todmorden) won, by 21-20.

The second four jacks again produced only one winner when Martin Griffiths (Elland WM) bowled the corners to near perfection to leave his opponent on just four chalks.

As the Green began to dry out the last four jacks improved the match situation and produced three winners with captain Mark Regan winning 21-5 and Peter Craig and Gareth Swaine, who anchored the team, by 21-16.

Five winners from the away team is normally considered to be above par but on this occasion another two would have made a significant difference and at least three more looked possible before excellent from Rochdale players.

At Kingston, the sides had six winners each.

Paul Demetraides was the only winner in the first four but John Armitage, Jack Summers and Gareth Coates levelled things up.

Robert Holmes and Chris Mordue were further Calderdale winners but Rochdale had done enough to take the aggregate points in spite of Summers winning to seven.

Scores - At Kingston: P.Demetriades 21 C.Livesey 20, I.Smith 15 A.Rushton 21, P.Chalkley 13 M.Clough 21, T.Riley 11 P.Fielding 21, J.Armitage 21 R.Stott 16, C.Austin 14 A.Mather 21, J.Summers 21 J.Melia 7, G.Coates 21 N.Slater 19, R.Holmes 21 J.Haliwell 18, A.Brier 12 A.Eames 21, J.Senior 15 B.Stapleton 21, C.Mordue 21 T.Holt 12.

At Bamford BC: I.Holden 21 A.Frgus 20, R.Hobson 19 M.Armson 21, D.Fountain 10 M.Dwyer 21, P.Stott 10 A.Higgins 21, P.Smyth 13 M.Kitchen 21, B.Collinge 17 P.Kitchen 21, M.Griffiths 21 B.Orks 4, M.McCormick 4 P.Quinn 21, M.Regan 21 A.Crossley 5, D.Stansfield 13 B.Warrington 21, P.Craig 21 M.Johnson 18, G.Swaine 21 J.Taylor 16.

Final points: Mid-Cheshire 85, Rochdale74, South Derbyshire 58, Calderdale57, Fylde 46.