Care home kid is wrestling champ

Tel Banham wrestling champion
Tel Banham wrestling champion

‘Rocky Future’ - the personality masking the kid who had a turbulent past turned comedian - has come out on top as UK’s wrestling champion.

Tel Banham, 26, of Halifax, was taken into care aged eight after his parents became ill.

He spent his formative years in and out of care and foster homes until he was ‘independent’ - aged 16.

Tel took the stage as a stand-up comedian; performing in clubs including Jongleurs and Highlight when he was approached by an agent which led to small acting parts in Emmerdale and Waterloo Road.

He also had a wrestling passion and catapulted himself into the ring.

After 12-months of intense training, ‘Rocky Future’ rose to the top and just two weeks ago, was crowned champion of the UK Wrestling Academy Championship in a bout against former champion Liam Lazarus.

Tel said: “Obviously, I was getting heat from the locker room with being an undefeated new comer and taking the title. I hope I keep performing to this level and throwing out new things.”

Tel added Rocky Future is famous for comedic ringside microphone skills.

“I could have grown up to be like other kids in care but I’ve worked my butt off to do something different,” he said.