Crow Nest alliances clean up in first event

Crow Nest Park golfers swept the board as the new Halifax/Huddersfield and District Alliance season teed off at the Hove Edge course.

Chris Mowl once again claimed first place in the Am-Am section, this time partnered by Richard Langley-Webb.

The Pro-Am was also won by Crow Nest with Gareth Evans and Mark Campbell working well in tandem.

The course was in very good condition and there were some very tricky pin positions on the smooth quick greens, which may be the reason for the generally lower scoring than last year.

The day was sunny with blustery showers and the rough, as on all courses this year, was very dense.

In general the scoring was pretty consistent across the field with both players sharing the honours. However, unusually, there was not a single net eagle recorded.

The card of Evans and Campbell (7) was the only one without a dropped point and their 41 points gave them the Pro-Am from Jack Pearcey and Tim Johnson (8) of Bradley Park on 39.

Mowl and Langley-Webb (12) were the runaway winners of the am-am with 43 points from Mick Dempsey (9) and Pete Newey (13), Ind Huddersfield, on 39 points who were second on a back six countback from Barry Workman (14) and Barry Martin (12) of Bradley Park.

Roy Johnson of Meltham Golf Club was welcomed as the Alliance President for this season.

The next Alliance event is at West End Golf Club on Wednesday, October 3.


PRO-AM: 41 - Crow Nest Park. G Evans (pro), M Campbell (7); 39 - Bradley Park. J Pearcey (pro), T Johnson (9); 37 - Bradley Park. T Wild (pro), M O’Hara (9) , Dewsbury. N Hirst (pro), C Smallpage (7); 33 - Crow Nest Park. P Everitt (pro), N Day (7); 30 - Halifax. T Pollard (pro), J Jennings (6).

AM-AM: 43 - Crow Nest Park , C Mowl (2), R Langley (13); 39 - Ind. Huddersfield. M Dempsey (9), P Newey (13), Bradley Park. B Workman (14), B Martin (12); 38 - Meltham. C Holmes (7), R Johnson (15); 37 - Crow Nest Park. G Thomas (17), A Hollingworth (12); 35 - Bradley Park. G Ward (9), A Davison (8); 34 - Bradley Hall. G Shuttleworth (10, T Morriosn (8), Hebden Bridge/Bradley Hall. K Weatherill (9), N Fielding (9); 33 - Crosland Heath. O Shaw (8), R Wimpenny (13), Bradley Hall. M Appleyard (7), S Sandie (6); 32 - Outlane. K Shippins (18), A Harrison (20), Outlane. B Ashton (13), R Godino (20); 31 - Ryburn. J Tolley (15), T Coppley (15); 30 - Dewsbury. A Mcmahon (18), R Towler (9), Outlane/Bradley Hall. B Moroney (15), T Moroney (17), Outlane/Ind Woodsome Hall. J Lawton (5), A McLaughlin (8); 29 - Bradley Park/Outlane. T Williams (14), D main (16); 28 - Outlane. D Knapton (10), M Dickinson (11); 26 - Outlane/Bradley Park. A Mellor (12), J Smith (13); 24 - Crow Nest Park. P Keen (15), D Hawksworth (20), Outlane. K Puckering (15), R Wilson (20), Meltham. J Hemmings (14), P Wharton (12).