Dukes battle to a Scunthorpe draw

Halifax Dukes''Daniel Mitchell, Wayne Carter, Adam Kenyon, Rachel Hellowell
Halifax Dukes''Daniel Mitchell, Wayne Carter, Adam Kenyon, Rachel Hellowell

Halifax Dukes drew 18-18 with Scunthorpe Juniors with Adam Kenyon’s bike problems the only thing that denied them the chance to win.

Dan Mitchell scorched away in heat one after Kenyon missed the gate. Kenyon chased well for two laps but just as he was passing Conor Dwyer his night’s misery started.

David Holt pushed Mitchell for the next two laps, but he was determined and held on for a fine win.

Heat two saw the return to track racing for Halifax rider/coach Wayne Carter.

All the riders rose to the occasion, even Carter himself, posting a race win on a par with the previous meetings times.

All four riders pushed themselves to their limits in heat three, with an excellent effort from Adam Kirby, Conor Dwyer and Rachel Hellowell.

Heat four saw an excellent gate by Adam Kenyon and Dan Mitchell, riding on a 5-1 until lap three when Kenyon’s bike again suffered at the hands of the gremlins.

Heat five was the race of the match with Dan Mitchell pushed to the limit by Adam Kirby for four laps. Mitchell stood firm and took and excellent win.

The Dukes had the chance to seal their first win of the season in heat six but while on a 4-2 Kenyon’s bike played up again.

Result: Scunthorpe Stags 18 (David Holt 4, Conor Dwyer 5, Adam Kirby 9) Halifax Hargreaves Foundry Dukes 18 (Daniel Mitchell 9, Adam Kenyon 0, Wayne Carter 9, Rachel Hellowell 0)

Halifax Dukes went on to face Linlithgow Tyres Kumho Kings when the none arrival of Dan Mitchell and a nasty tumble for Rachel Hellowell on her first outing contributed to a 14-9 defeat.

Hellowell was thrown from her machine through no fault of her own and did a spectacular somersault before ending up being thrown against the fence.

Among the highlights of the meeting were a first heat win of the season for Adam Kenyon whose pressure on Steven Morris paid off handsomely.

Kenyon pushed Morris for two laps before the he slid off. Phil Learmouth held of the challenge of Hellowell who was still suffering the effects of her heat one tumble.

In an exciting climax to the final heat, saw Kenyon pushed Mcbain before sliding off.

Result: Halifax Hargreaves Foundry Dukes 9 (Rachel Hellowell 2, Adam Kenyon 7) Linlithgow Tyres Kumho Kings 14 (James Mcbain 6, Steven Morris 5, Phil Learmouth 3).