Easy for Ellis is his quest for a fourth success in Classic

Halifax started the season with an excellent win in the Yorkshire Veterans Inter-District League, beating champions Huddersfield 29- 27 in a keenly contested match.

The home team, playing at the superb Greetland BC green, produced three winners in each half which resulted in a 20-8 win.

In the first half David Atkinson and Ken Sharkey both won 21-8 and Philip Holroyd won 21-13. The second half winners were John Simpson by 21-16, Dougie Mansfield by 21-18 and Les Holmes by 21-17

The away team played on a difficult green at Huddersfield RUFC BC. One win was produced in each half but the aggregate score was kept close.

The two away winners were captain Peter Collins (21-20) and Brian Holroyd (21-10).

Results (Halifax players first) - At Greetland BC: D Atkinson (Laurel Crescent) 21 M Mcluskey 8, K Sharkey (Moorside) 21 B Nichol 8, P Holroyd (Hill Crest) 21 P Green 13, B Winrow (Ripponden Park) 16 E Haigh 21, J Simpson (Todmorden Park) 21 D Crowther 16, D Mansfield (Mytholmroyd) 21 D Garner 18, M Griffiths (Ripponden Park) 12 V Smith 21, L Holmes (Akroydon Vics) 21 T Randerson 17.

At Huddersfield RUFC BC: R Nicholson (Mytholmroyd) 18 F Greenwood 21, P Collins (Mytholmroyd) 21 B O’Prey 20, J Hamer (Sowerby West End) 17 G Howe 21, F Kennedy (Hill Crest) 14 D Burnand 21, B Holroyd (Hill Crest) 21 D Hirst 10, M Ormerod (Mytholmroyd) 20 T Sykes 21, D Hamilton (Albion) 15 G Brook 21, M Skwarek (Oxenhope) 11 J Hoyle 21.

The surprise of the first round of games was the excellent win by Wakefield over Skipton by 39-17. Castleford and Bradford drew 28-28 and Leeds beat West Riding 36-20.

Wakefield are Halifax’s next opponents on May 17.

Home team at Mytholmroyd BC: M Griffiths and B Winrow (Ripponden Park), J Simpson (Todmorden Park), D Atkinson (Laurel Crescent), K Sharkey (Moorside), L Holmes (Akroydon Vics), P Holroyd (Hill Crest), D McMahon (Luddendenfoot). Reserves: T Heley (Rastrick) and G Firth (Elland C & BC). If unavailable contact Malcolm Griffiths on 01422 835593

Away team at Crofton Centre: D Warburton, R Nicholson, M Ormerod and D Mansfield (all Mytholmroyd BC), J Hamer (Sowerby West End), D Hamilton (Albion), M Skwarek (Oxenhope), F Kennedy (Hill Crest). Reserves: K Kidman (Rastrick) and I Hodges (Ripponden Park). If unavailable contact Peter Collins on 01422 365037

The Sowerby Bridge CGBA’s George Parkin Men’s Pairs sponsored by Tony Leach takes place at West End BC on Sunday, May 12 (10.30).

Report for 10.30: D.Hickey/A.Broad, M. Page/R. Watters, P. Brown/P. Fisher, P. Nolan/I. Taylor, B. Winrow/M. Griffiths, I. Crossland/partner, A. Suddick/S. Helliwell, P. Holroyd/J. Halliday.

Report for 11.00: A. Guide/T. Clissett, A. Forrest/G. Jakolski, A. Byrnes/D. Blackburn, J. Biggins/ D. Craigie, S. Conway/C. Holt-Conway, B & R Morgan, N. Cockcroft/J. Sharp, D. Helliwell/partner.

Report For 11.30: G. Murphy/ A. Schofield, T. Ness/Partner, S. Page/C. Broadley, M. Murphy/B. Megson.

The qualifying round of the Halifax League’s Briggs Priestley Merit is on Wednesday, May 15 (6.45). Draws will be made at the green with four from each venue to qualify for the finals on Sunday, June 9.

At Hill Crest: A. Riley, C. Wilkins, P. Demetriades, C. Coverduck, P. Lea, A. Byrnes, S. Bridges, G. Coates, B. Malone, P. Cestrone, P. Anderson, A. Heenan, P. Fisher, C. Major, M. Walker, D. Ryding, M. Regan, M. Skwarek.

At West End: G. Swain, P. Craigie, M. Robertshaw, R. Hobson, T. Ness, R. Holmes, S. Robinson, B. Hildred, M. Steele, I. Crossland, T. Horsfall, M. Dodd, S. Speechley, A. Forrest, G. Nicholson, G. McCafferty, D. Kirkbright, J. Farrell

At Mytholmroyd BC: M. Murphy, A. Schofield, J. Hamer, J. Summerskill, B. Morgan, J. Parker, G. Bradford, M. Pearson, D. Blackburn, A. Broad, R. Bradley, A. Guide, P. Grant, T. Hargreaves, R. Watters, P. Holroyd, S. Greaves, S. Peers.

At Greetland: C. Austin, D. Warburton, K. Mullins, S. Swallow, D. Hemsley, G. Normanton, N. Madden, G. Murphy, J. Scott, M. Sykes, I. Smith, J. Barker, M. Greenwood, R. Nicholson, K. Barker, D. Holdsworth, J.Watters, F. Sykes.

The Halifax Ladies Pairs competition takes place at Halifax BC on Saturday (10.30).

Preliminary round: B Gee & V Bax v M Holt & partner.

First round: C Austin & J Shaw v J & A Marsden, H Parker & C Cliff v M Hildred & C Ness, M Greenwood & S Holbrook v D Allison & B Crompton, M Guide & L Hogan v J Asquith & J Collins, D Walker & P Pilling v E Akroyd & partner, P Skene & H Smith v C Pilling & partner, G Hartley & L Ellison v B Nellis & E Dovenor, J Hallows & A Oates v prelim winners.

Local favourites Graeme Wilson and Roy Nicholson showed their liking for the Elland C & BC green by winning through Sunday’s qualifier in the Elland Classic.

Scores, first round: C.Chamberlain 10 M.Griffiths 21, A.Byrnes 1 G.I.Wilson 21, G.Nicholson 21 N. Roper 19, A.Schofield 6 R.Hobson 21, A.Marshall 11 R.Nicholson 21, M.Murphy 16 R.Bentley 21, P.Chamberlain 21 T.Riley 20, S.Barber 11 P.Jacques 21.

Second round: M.Griffiths 8 G.I.Wilson 21, G.Nicholson 21 R.Hobson 13, R.Nicholson 21 R.Bentley 14, P.Chamberlain 18 P.Jacques 21.

Third round: G.I.Wilson 21 G.Nicholson 15, R.Nicholson 21 P.Jacques 16.