Embassy hit form at right time

Embassy B proved themselves the form team during the closing fixtures of the Halifax and District Table Tennis Association Division Two season after thumping HXTTC Popp B 9-0 and then recording a sound 6-3 victory over champions elect HXTTC Central B.

Against HXTTC Popp Derek Briggs, J Collins and Hugh Chambers each recorded fine maximums to whitewash their opponents while against HXTTC Central Chambers once more recorded a fine maximum and was well supported by team mate C Sherratt who also chipped in with a full house.

On this occasion, Collins was unable to get off the mark in singles play as Steve Caulfield, Derek Harwood and Mick Hepworth each picked up one win for Central but the damage had been done by the Embassy pair of Chambers and Sherrat as Embassy emerged victorious.

The distribution of the Winter League Handbooks will take place at the Table Tennis Centre on Thursday, September 15 from 7.00 pm onwards. 

The Table Tennis Centre will also be open for those wanting to practice.


Division Two: HxTTC Dolphins (K Scott 2, D Scott 0, K Fearnley 0) 2, HxTTC Central 2 (D Blackburn 3, B Chapman 2, S Caulfield 2) 7; HxTTC Popp A (P Parry 1, P McMullen 3, J Korner 2) 6 HxTTC Evergreens (M Curry 1, M Mullins 0, D Lewis 2) 3; HxTTC Embassy B (D Briggs 3, J Collins 3, H Chambers 3) 9, HxTTC Popp B (T Sunderland 0, P Davis 0, D McGuinness 0) 0; HxTTC Evergreens (M Curry 2, D Lewis 3, B Chapman 2) 7, Marsh Con Club B (A Normanton 2, J Schofield 0, T Normanton 0) 2; HxTTC Dolphins (K Scott 3, D Scott 3, K Fearnley 3) 9, HxTTC Popp B (T Wassall 0, J Taylor 0, R Thomas 0) 0; HxTTC Central 2 (S Caulfield 1, D Harwood 1, M Hepworth 1) 3, HxTTC Embassy B (H Chambers 3, C Sherratt 3, J Collins 0) 6; HxTTC Popp B (T Wassall 1, J Bottomley 0) 1, HxTTC Popp A (P Parry 2, J Korner 3, P McMullen 3) 8.

Inter Divisional Matches: HxTTC Grasshoppers (K Mirfield 3, A Walker 3, G Wilding 3) 9, HxTTC Dolphins (D Scott 0, K Scott 0, K Fearnley 0) 0; Marsh Con Club A (G Normanton 3, D Clegg 1, R Veal 1) 5, Marsh Con Club B (A Normanton 2, J Schofield 2, T Normanton 0) 4.