Funding page set up after cricketer suffers horrific injuries

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A funding page has been set up for a Lightcliffe cricket player who is now unable to work after he suffered 15 fractured bones in his face during a practice session.

During an indoor session at Lightcliffe Academy, Alex Tait was bowling when it was hit back at him and unfortunately did not see the ball as it hit him between the eyes.

He was taken to hospital where he was treated for his injuries which included fractures to both eye sockets, his skull, nose, cheekbones and forehead.

Chris Taylor from the club said Alex has now been informed by consultants at hospital that he must now endure a number of operations to try and resolve the problems

“This will involve an operation to cut from ear to ear, roll back the facial skin and insert metal plates behind the forehead.

“Further operations on his eyes and nose may then follow and it may be necessary for him to see a neuro specialist about damage to his brain/eyes depending on how the initial operation goes.

“Irrespective of the incredible pain Alex is suffering, and the obvious current limitations on his life, he has been told he will not be able to work again for months to come.

“He is a family man with a young son and a baby due in just four months time.

“Having only recently started a new job he is not entitled to any sick pay.

“This has left Alex in a nightmare position financially. He needs to now focus his attention on recovering from this horrific ordeal which may last for months and even longer to come.

“He does not need the added stress and worry of providing financially for his young family.

“Alex has played at Lightcliffe CC all his life and is a model Club man.

“The Cricket Family is renowned for coming together to support each other and Alex is hopeful cricketers around the country will assist his current position and donate a small amount to allow him to continue living whilst he endures the coming months.

“This could have happened to any cricketer any level. Alex appreciates any support you can provide.”

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