Halifax League statement on cricket pyramid

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Clubs in the Foster’s Halifax Cricket League will make the final decision as to whether it should be part of the YCB pyramid structure.

The league’s executive, in a statement released today, said four regional workshops would be held next month to demonstrate where clubs might slot into the system.

The matter would be debated at the October league meeting and a vote taken by the clubs at the AGM in November.

The statement warns that the proposals “will divide opinion and evoke emotive debate.”

The first steps towards creating a Yorkshire pyramid for club cricket will take place next season with the creation of Yorkshire Premier Cricket.

It will feature four premier leagues which will all have partner leagues beneath them.

It aims to have the top players and teams playing on the finest grounds in a competition that will showcase the best of league cricket in Yorkshire.

Focus is now switching to lower levels of the pyramid, which will have promotion and relegation throughout.

The statement is as follows:

Following the joint statement recently published by the Bradford Cricket League and the Central Yorkshire Cricket League, in relation to the proposed merger of the two leagues as part of the proposed West Yorkshire Pyramid structure, the Foster’s Halifax League (HCL) Executive is outlining its own position.

It has been involved in the discussions and negotiations with the YCB Board for the proposed structure from the outset and, along with three other West Yorkshire leagues, has taken a very active role in shaping the future of an exciting and challenging development for cricket in the region.

Some other leagues immediately opted out, without any consultation with their clubs, and unfortunately have thus not played any part in this process.

The HCL Executive however strongly believed it vitally important that it had a seat at the table to be in control of its own destiny, whatever that may be.

To bring its 30 clubs up to speed it will be holding four regional workshops in September, interactive with Q & A sessions, where it will present the proposed structure and its ramifications.

A full discussion on the subject for all clubs will follow at the October League meeting with key officials from the YCB/ West Yorkshire Management Board taking part in a further Q & A session.

A vote will follow at the November AGM where clubs will decide whether to join the new structure. The Executive will recommend its position on the matter but only the member clubs will make the final decision.

The HCL recognises that the proposed changes are significant and it will divide opinion and evoke emotive debate.

The Executive is determined however to ensure that all clubs are in possession of all the facts.

Collectively the League will make an objective and informed decision as to where the future lies in the ever-changing cricket world and in its quest to aspire to be the best amateur league in the region.