Hirst impresses at tough Para’s event

Ten Stainland Lions ventured up to Catterick, not to sign up but to compete in the Paras 10 mile endurance race.

This tough cross country event on the Army training ground is the same as part of the selection process for recruits to the elite Parachute Regiment and includes a water pit through which competitors must wade waist high for 150 yards.

In an attempt to finish them off a challenging hill awaits competitors at the nine mile mark where most of the serious encouragement from spectators takes place.

Competitors can either choose the normal 10 mile run or the P Company challenge which entails carrying a rucksack weighing 35lb (excluding food & water) and running in military style boots.

The official time for recruits for selection to the Parachute Regiment is under 1:50.

This year John Hirst ran with the full 35lbs in an impressive time of 1:38:07 and claimed the club record for this event, nearly 12 minutes inside the selection time.

Kyle Scarborough achieved the selection time in a creditable 1:49:49 while Sue Manning also managed an excellent time of 1:52:34.

Martin O’Brien opted for the “Paras 10”, without the backpack, and also completed their challenge admirably, finishing in an excellent time of 1:23:47.

Lions results: Paras P 10 mile Company Challenge [with 35lb pack]: John Hirst 1:38:07, Kyle Scarborough 1:49:49, James Carville 1:51:04, Sue Manning 1:52:34, Paul Beverley 1:53:21, Roger Smith 1:53:40

Paras 10 mile [without pack]: Martin O’Brien 1:23:47, Lizanne Jeffrey 1:34:59, Karen Scarborough 1:35:09, Joanne Hirst 1:49:02

TWENTY Lions turned out for the Great North Run - the largest road race in the country and were almost lost amongst the sea of over 54,000 runners.

This year runners were greeted with grey skies and it rained a fair bit during the race but that didn’t dampen the Lions enthusiasm.

Martin O’Brien was first Lion to the line, ducking under 01:40 again with a personal best of 1:39:26 showing that his new found form is not just a flash in the pan. Roger Fleming was not far behind in a creditable 01:41:05.

John Hirst excelled with a 01:42:12, a personal best by a whopping two minutes and achieved so soon after his success at the P company challenge 10 mile race with a 35lb rucksack.

Great North Run Half Marathon: Martin O’Brien 1:39:26, Roger Fleming 1:41:05, John Hirst 1:42:12, David Cooper 1:45:10, Gareth Duckworth 1:51:00, Gary Clay 1:55:48, Mark Halliday 1:58:05, Michelle Degville 1:58:35, Terry Costello 2:01:08, Craig Gaukroger 2:05:57, Richard Brear 2:16:52, Jane Potter 2:18:02, Anne-Marie Killeen 2:19:40, Benjamin Clay 2:24:19, George Serban 2:27:01, Jackie Barker 2:33:26, Jo Dent 2:34:10, Joanne Hirst 2:34:48, Richard Greenwood 2:36:19, Alison Buckle 2:47:56.

Todmorden Harriers travelled to Boggart Hole Clough last weekend for the latest round of the club’s road championship and left with a host of prizes.

Robin Tuddenham won the race in 35:41 with John Lloyd in third and Martin Stork in sixth. The men not only won the team prize, but also won the veteran team prize.

Sarah May finished second lady, with Mel Blackhurst taking home the prize for first v45, and together with Sarah Glyde the trio won the ladies team prize.

Todmorden Results:1 Robin Tuddenham 35:41; 3 John Lloyd 36:54; 6 Martin Stork 37:58; 12 Sarah May 39:28; 24 Dan Taylor 42:06; 29 Dave Collins 43:09; 32 Andrew Bibby 44:04; 39 Simon Galloway 45:48; 46 Sarah Glyde 46:14; 52 Mel Blackhurst 47:04; 60 Richard Butterwick 47:42; 81 Mel Robertson 52:11; 82 Nigel Hanson 52:34; 88 Ray Poulter 53:55; 102 Myra Wells 1:01:11.

Lauren Jeska lined up on the elite women’s start on Sunday for the Great North Run alongside some of the world’s best runners, and put in a well measured performance to finish in 14th, and 4th British woman, in a time of 1.17.07.