Morane wants more from Vandals’ defence

Halifax Vandals coach Ed Morane will put defence before flair for tomorrow’s Yorkshire Four clash at Leeds Corinthians.

Vandals were distanced 48-10 at Old Otliensians last weekend, a result which tipped the Warley club closer to the foot of the division.

And Morane was scathing of aspects of his players’ performance.

“Our forwards fronted up, but there were a lot of missed tackles out wide that contributed to a lot of points being scored against us,” said Morane.

“Because of that, a game that was very even in some aspects ended up being anything but on the scoreboard.

“I am not going to sugar coat it; people need to start getting their shoulder in and being a bit nastier rather than tickling people all the way to the try line.

“The selection this week will be based on defensive performances.

“I would rather not have those flair players who can’t contribute to that aspect of the game because at the moment we are not a good enough side to justify having them in the team.

“We can’t be having holes in the team and getting hammered like we did last week.”

Morane remains optimistic his side can get a result tomorrow, although he acknowledges the opposition will be of the same mindset.

“We need to start picking up the bonus point wins in games like this,” he said.

“We know we’re capable of getting the result, but we need to be aware that they will be looking at us in exactly the same way.”