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Historic Shroggs Park Bowling Club is rising from the ashes, just 12 months after folded for financial reasons.

Geoff Brocklehurst, a member of the former club, is helping to spearhead the revival and says he has secured £6,500 of backing to pay for Calderdale Council green fees and improvements to facilities.

An influx of new, young players plus the return of members from the old club has prompted Brocklehurst, president Christopher Meade treasurer Arthur Wilson and others on a committee of six to enter teams in three leagues this summer.

Shroggs plan to play in the Elland League on Monday evenings, the Sowerby Bridge League on Tuesday evenings and the Halifax League’s veterans section on Thursday afternoons.

Brocklehurst said the financial support had come from the North Halifax Staying Well Development Fund.

The St George’s Community Trust near the bowling club had been concerned about the club’s closure and was encouraging young players to take up the sport.

Illingworth councillor Bryan Smith “was on the case” and they had made a lot of progress.

Brocklehurst said the money would be spent on green fees, buying bowls, improving security around the green, benches and a lean-to outside shelter for players and spectators to use in bad weather.

“We will get it done. There is plenty of spirit in the local community. We are not doing things half-heartedly,” he said.

Brocklehurst said the green had been used for practice during 2015 but needed some remedial work. The club wanted to maintain it themselves.

“We are hoping to meet the council as soon as possible and if they say we can look after it I know two greenkeepers who can help.”

The clubhouse had been secure for the last 12 months and had not fallen into disrepair.

We plan to do it all up but the main job is the outer fencing,” he said.

Shroggs members will get access to facilities a month early to assist with preparations for the season starting in April.

Brocklehurst is former long-time secretary of nearby Lee Mount Club and he said the bowlers hoped to form close links with that organisation in due course and tap into its big membership in the quest for more players.

He also believes Shroggs might not have gone to the wall at a meeting at Lee Mount Club last January if circumstances had been different.

“If I had been able to attend and a couple more had made it the club might not have folded,” he said.