Ogden anger at crisis rumours

Halifax Golf Club has hit out at what it claims are malicious rumours being spread by members of sister courses Bradley Hall and West End.

Ogden official David Peel said the club had taken a call from a Halifax-Huddersfield Union boss on New Year’s Eve saying they had heard the the club had gone into receivership.

This was vehemently denied by the club’s financial director and past Union president Steve Wild.

Peel said that since then the rumours had persisted and the club’s demise had been stated as a fact at a recent Huddersfield club’s AGM.

Peel pointed the finger at Bradley Hall and West End members but said that the committees of those clubs were being most co-operative in trying to end the rumours.

“Obviously this is very unsettling to our membership and our staff,” said Peel.

“The club had a very successful year in 2012 despite the very difficult trading conditions due to the weather.

“The club will probably show a profit for the year. The preliminary budget for 2013 also looks like producing a profit and advanced bookings for weddings and golf functions are very encouraging.”

Halifax will shortly be advertising for a new pro and will host the first senior inter-union match of the summer against York on May 19 before celebrating the centenary of the Ogden Cup in July.

The club is also at an advanced stage of re-negotiating a new 25 year lease with land owner Yorkshire Water.

“The club owns the clubhouse and car park and is far from going bust,” added Peel.

John Le Pelley, who is to replace John Broadbent as club captain shortly, added: “We made a small profit last year which was excellent bearing in mind we had the worst weather for golf I can remember.

“If we had had the season before’s weather, and the green fees and bar takings that came with it, we would have had even more money to invest into the golf club and facilities.

“This makes these scurrilous rumours more galling.”

Le Pelley has several activities planned for his year in office, kicking off with an Open Mic Night on March 1. There will be family days on Easter Sunday (egg hunt and carvery) and Bank Holiday Monday May 6 (games and duck race).

He added that the club had special offers for lady and junior members.

THE first Halifax-Huddersfield Alliance of 2013 is at Crosland Heath next Tuesday.

Start times: 8.0, K.Bruce & R.Pilkington (Marsden), N.Ward 17 & G.Slingsby14 (Crosland Heath); 8.09, P.Young Pro & T.Sharp 10 (Ind Huddersfield), A.Cranshaw Pro & M.Butters 6 (Crosland Heath); 8.18, R.Standsfield Pro & O.Shaw (Bradley Pk/Crosland Heath), G.Parker 11 & G.Slingsby 8 (Bradley Hall); 8.27, P.Heywood & D.Malinson (Marsden), G.Proctor 9 & P.Marsland 12 (Crosland Heath); 8.36, D.Stafford 1 & F.Greaves 1 (Todmorden/West End), M.Colcombe & J.Doherty 6 (Longley Park).

8.45, T.Garrett Scr & L.Pilkington 3 (Crosland Heath), D.Whitwam & I.Pullor (Marsden); 8.54, A.Wallis 9 & B.Askham 14 (Crosland Heath), J.Perks & P.Doolan (Marsden); 9.03, J.Pearcey Pro & G.Ward 7 (Bradley Park), R.Barker & R.Burgin (Crosland Heath); 9.12, R.Stimpson & G.Brazier (West End), A.Curley & J.Horner (Dewsbury); 9.21, T.Wild Pro & B.Workman (Bradley Park), G.McLean & D.Hansom (Meltham); 9.30, G.Evans Pro & M.Campbell 7 (Crow Nest Park), G.Gower & A.Calvert (West End); 9.39, D.Arber Pro & D.Rollinson (West End), R.Pearson (Bradley Park).

9.48, J.Crompton Pro & E.Shaw 2 (Marsden), M.O’Hara 8 & B.Martin 12 (Bradley Park); 9.57, M.Russell 19 & E.Pearson 17 (Crosland Heath), C.Hoyle 12 & K.Law 20 (Hebden Bridge); 10.06, P.Pitchforth 12 & C.Hartley 20 (Bradley Hall), K.Weatherill 9 & C.Richards 10 (Hebden Bridge); 10.15, R.Wimpenny 15 & S.Whitham 17 (Crosland Heath), B.Moroney & T.Moroney (Outlane/Bradley Hall); 10.24, R.T.Owen & R.T.Williams (Crosland Heath), K.Puckering 15 & R.Wilson 19 (Outlane); 10.33, A.McLaughlin & A.Lister (Ind Woodsome Hall), M.Wood 15 & T.Stead 17 (Outlane); 10.42, P.Wharton & J.Hemmings (Meltham), A.Crum 1 (Dewsbury); 10.51, S.Race Pro & J.Thewlis (Meltham), T.Smith 16 & S.Tann 15 (Longley Park); 11.00, C.Hanson Pro & G.Shuttleworth 11 (Woodsome Hall/B H), R.Booth Pro & A.Morrison 8 (Crosland Heath/B H); 11.09, R.Johnson 15 (Meltham), J.Ward & N.Bailey (Dewsbury); 11.18, S.Hopkinson 7 & S.Sandie 6 (Bradley Hall), N.Hirst 10 & D.Knapton 11 (Outlane); 11.27, N.Paxman 9 & A.Baier 13 (Meltham), A.Hirst & J Taylor (Bradley Hall); 11.36, M.Haigh & J Hammond (Dewsbury), C.McFadzean 4 & G.Binks 13 (Bradley Hall).

11.54, R.Lambert Pro & P.Booth 6 (Crosland Heath),K.Pell (Halifax); 12.03, N.Sutton & J.Firth (Outlane), M.Connaley & A. Wadsworth (Crosland Heath); 12.12, M.Waddington & A.Malins (Bradley Park), D.Rishworth Pro & G.Thornton 20 (West End); 12.21, M.Dempsey 9 & P.Newey 12 (Ind Huddersfield), D.Peel 6 & J Broadbent (Halifax); 12.30, J.Vickerman 9 & T.Murphy 16 (Crosland Heath), T.Gerrard (Halifax).