Patacakes’ flawless record falls in Friday afternoon thriller

There were some outstanding matches and upsets in the Friday Afternoon Triples at Halifax Bowling Club.

The match of the day was between the Autumn winners G2 + 1 (Mary Moore, Barbara Gee, David Gee) and top team Patacakes (Tim Coleman, Stuart Baker, Pat Helliwell), both teams taking 100 per cent records into the game.

G2 + 1 went into a 12-7 lead thanks to lead player Mary Moore, who bowled a short jack to perfection and was well backed up by Barbara Gee and skip David Gee.

Patacakes struggled with the shorter length, their number two player Baker narrowly failing on several occasions to move the head.

At the next end, Barbara Gee bowled a side toucher to hold shot, but Patacakes had the next four scoring woods and their skip Helliwell bowled a brilliant running wood to move G2 + 1’s scoring wood, without moving the jack, to give his side four shots.

It was 13-13 going into the final end. Moore bowled a front toucher but Coleman knock out the scoring wood to give his team the advantage. Patacakes kept this lead until David Gee knocked one of Moore’s short woods near the jack to give his team the shot.

Helliwell bowled wide with his first wood and then the ambidextrous Gee bowled in another wood to hold a two shots advantage. Helliwell sent up a strong final wood which hit one of G2 + 1‘s woods and Patacakes’ saving wood to give G2 + 1 three shots and a 16-13 success.

DWRs (Keith Hanson, Peter Drinkwater, Arthur Robinson) suffered a surprise defeat by The Halls, who welcomed experienced Huddersfield player Ernest Cole to their squad along with regulars Pat Wright and Jack Orley.

DWRs scored five shots at the first end but then conceded a three and a four to find themselves playing catch up. The Halls kept their noses in front to win 16-12.

In a rearranged game, Barron Knights (Geoff Woods, Barbara Nellis, Ray Fearnley) came out on top by 17-12 against DWRs, who led 9-6 before conceding a four, three pairs and a single.

Virgos (Sheila and David Butterworth), the autumn Tuesday Evening Pairs champs, led 5-1 against B.Strings (Sue Gormley and Ann Stringer) and it was 7-6 before an eventful last end.

Sue Gormley led with a three inch wood, only for Sheila Butterworth to bowl two woods inside it.

David Butterworth tried to “block it up” but Ann Stringer scattered the woods with her last bowl to hold three shots. With his last wood Butterworth managed to save two shots for a 7-7 draw.

MONDAY AFTERNOON FOURS: Yorkies 18 Fair of Face 7, K9s 12 Luddites 6, Four Seasons 6 JABs 9, Rabbits 35 Triers 2, As & Bs 8 Denholme Dodgers 11, No Hopers 4 G2 + A2 21.

MONDAY EVENING FOURS: Spartans 23 Phoenix 8, Patacakes 11 Avengers 8, Julie’s Jugglers 2 Madlams 23.

TUESDAY EVENING PAIRS: B & J 6 Hit and Miss 6, B.Strings 7 Virgos 7, Valley Boys 10 Stuart’s Hardware 6, Webbo’s 11 Double D 4, Roils 6 Brookley 10, Newbies 4 Brigands 7.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON FOURS: Hawthorns 13 Bradshaw 11, Vandals 7 Springers 8, Falstaffs 11 Bluebells 10, Yorkies 7 Illingworth 14, Sowerby 18 Just Fours 4, Likely Lads 2 Hebden Hotshots 31.

WEDNESDAY EVENING FOURS: Arriva 24 Rockets 4, Flying Scots 3 The Halls 20, Blue Moon 3 Clayton 16, Hopefuls 6 DHSS 9.

THURSDAY EVENING TRIPLES: Clayton 16 Madlams 12, Hit and Miss 11 Snap Crackle & Pop 18, SID 16 ETC 12, Phoenix 6 Arriva 24.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON TRIPLES: DWRs 10 Barron Knights 17, Rabbits 20 Friday Girls 7, TGIF 14 Hebden Bridge 22, Sowerby 13 Barron Knights 12, Friends 11 Rum Lot 15, G2 + 1 16 Patacakes 13, The Halls 16 DWRs 12