Roaring success as Lions double up

FORTY four members of Stainland Lions did themselves and the club proud as they scooped both the men’s and ladies’ honours at the Bradley Woodland Challenge 10k.

The event, staged by Huddersfield-based Stadium Runners, comprised an undulating course with hills galore

First Lion home, and an impressive third overall, was Mark Pigford in 39:39. He was followed by Richard Hand who set a 5:09 minute mile on his way to a storming finish in 40:52. Phil Tucker eased comfortably into the top 10 in 41:25.

First Lady home was Mags Beever in 43:03. She was followed by the tenacious Lucy Thompson in second place for the ladies in 43:21. Thompson must have overtaken at least 20 runners having started a little further back in the field.

Julie Field’s 40th birthday celebrations were boosted with first LV40 and fourth lady overall in 44:47.

Those results ensured that the Men’s and Ladies’ team prizes were assured with Mark Pigford, Richard Hand and Phil Tucker comprising the winning mens team with Mags Beever, Lucy Thompson and Julie Field the winning Ladies team.

It was no surprise to see Aileen Baldwin crossing the line as first Lady V60.

Baldwin also achieved the eighth fastest time achieved in any UK half marathon in the past two years in the LV60 category.

Sterling runs by Lesley Henderson, second LV60, Judith Greenwood fifth LV60, and Brian Crowther second V70 proved that age is no barrier to running challenging events.

Again John Hirst had an outstanding run beating quality runners a division higher than him in the club championship.

Helen Hudson, another runner quietly on the move, achieved a well placed fifth in the LV40 category.

Bradley Woodland Challenge 10k

3 Mark Pigford 39:39, 7 Richard Hand 40:52, 10 Phil Tucker 41:25, 21 Margaret Beever 43:03, 23 Lee Greenwood 43:05, 25 Lucy Thompson 43:21, 32 Julie Field 44:47, 45 David Hutchings 45:59, 46 Dan Marsden 46:04, 60 Amanda Zito 47:04, 64 John Hirst 47:49, 67 Aileen Baldwin 48:12, 68 John Ingles 48:19, 89 Robert Evans 49:43, 96 Karl Martin 50:28, 97 Mark Preston 50:30, 101 Steve Hallam 50:53, 105 Helen Hudson 51:08, 111 Sandy Gee 51:23, 112 Gareth Duckworth 51:23, 131 Roger Fleming 52:50, 138 Ian Appleyard 53:46, 140 Susan Manning 53:48, 141 Michael Speight 53:29, 154 Peter Benn 54:46, 155 Tim Neville 54:34, 166 Jonathan Taylor 55:26, 167 Julie Hollindrake 55:08, 169 Gary Clay 55:37, 172 Karen Marsella 55:53, 189 Lesley Henderson 56:48, 190 George Serban 57:07, 192 Iain Threlkeld 57:23, 197 Janet Carter 57:35, 236 Raymond Mooney 1:00:56, 244 Lindsay Sykes 1:01:34, 249 Judith Greenwood 1:01:45, 262 Dawn Medlock 1:03:42, 264 Steve Crowther 1:04:17, 271 Brian Crowther 1:05:47, 281 Susan Shepherd 1:07:28, 282 Stephen Shepherd 1:07:29, 289 Steve Boyer 1:08:23, 305 Jackie Barker 1:13:28

326 Finishers

Three Lions, Alan Gibson, Chris Tetlow and Carol Lord had excellent runs at the Venice Marathon. All completed the course crossing 14 bridges in the picturesque canal city and achieving personal bests by many minutes.

Meanwhile, The ever improving Tracy Mott produced a fine run resulting in a personal best of 1:40:53 at the Birmingham half Marathon.

Venice Marathon

3359 Alan Gibson 4:00:17, 4334 Chris Tetlow 4:18:59, 5091 Carol Lord 4:39:32

5868 finishers.