Sellars misses weight limit in bid for Central Area title

Jack Sellars in action.
Jack Sellars in action.

Jack Sellars has weighed in over the middleweight limit and will therefore be ineligible to fight for the Central Area title tonight.

Sellars (6-2-1), originally from Northowram but now living in Elland, unsuccessfully challenged for a belt at super welterweight against Evaldas Korsakas at the North Bridge Centre in June last year, losing on points.

This time the 24-year-old attempted to make the move up to face middleweight Wigglesworth (6-0-2), a former sparring partner of Sellars, who won the title back in July with victory over the then unbeaten Ben Sheedy.

Wigglesworth is nicknamed ‘War Path’ due to his aggressive and come-forward style of fighting.

The bout will still go ahead, but if Sellars wins then he won't win the title, leaving the belt vacant.

“I don’t necessarily see boxing as the key to winning,” explained Sellars, who will fight Wigglesworth at the KCOM Stadium in Hull.

“I believe that I can fight in both styles, on the back and front foot.

“If he wants to go forward, stand in the middle and have a fight, then let’s do it, I would honestly prefer that. But, we’ll see how things turn out on the night.

“Matthew’s giving it the big one all of the time on social media. I think he’s trying to sell the fight, which I understand. But, that’s not me.

“I’ll stand there and shake his hand, go to war with him and then I’ll shake his hand afterwards as well. I’m not into talking rubbish.”

The pair have previously sparred 60 rounds together and Sellars’ trainer Danny Thornton admitted that Wigglesworth had come out on top during those sessions.

“I think Matthew might have got the better of him in those spars, to be honest with you,” revealed Thornton.

“So, we certainly know that we’re up against it.

“They know each other well and they both like a tear up, so they’ll probably meet in the middle and see who comes out on top.

“Jack’s a good boxer, but he just loves to fight. You don’t have to go looking for Matthew Wigglesworth, he’ll stand in front of you all night.

“Now, unfortunately, Jack doesn’t know how to go backwards. I think they’re going to meet in the middle and it’s going to be a war.”