Seniors hand out a lesson at the Hall

Halifax-Huddersfield Union’s seniors whitewashed the juniors at Sunday’s annual pre-season match at Bradley Hall.

The younger players received a handicap allowance but it made no difference in the six fourball betterball pairs contests.

Seniors team boss Chris Mear was left feeling optimistic of another bold showing from his side, much improved to finish runners-up to powerful Sheffield in last year’s Yorkshire Inter-District League.

For junior boss Tommy Ward, however, another tough summer could be on the cards.

“There was more encouragement for Chris than me,” conceded Ward, who was most pleased with the good show put up by Liam Dean and George Castle against Andy Whitworth and Mear.

Mear, who played because Aaron Schnacke had to work, said: “The lads all made the right noises about next season and are raring to go.”

Ward’s side face a national disabled team at Lightcliffe on April 21.

They open their league campaign against Harrogate at Woodsome Hall on Sunday, May 5 while the seniors start against York at Halifax a fortnight later.

Sunday’s results: M.Birkett (Hx) & E.Batty (Bradley Park) bt J.McAspurn & C.Avison (both Marsden), M.Colcombe (Woodsome) & A.Wilford (Huddersfield) bt J.Morton (Hanging Heaton) and B.Kaye (Bradley Park); A.Shaw (Bradley Hall) & R.Broadley (Huddersfield) bt R.Wright (Elland) & ).Tasker (Willow Valley); B.Adamson (CNP) & J.Smith (Halifax) bt J.Campbell & L.Higgins (both CNP); D.Stafford & M.Murray (both Todmorden) bt T.Hunt (Meltham) & G.Brady (Woodhouse Hall); C.Mear (Meltham) & A.Whitworth (Bradley Hall) bt L.Dean (Halifax) & G.Castle (Longley Park).

There is a small field for Tuesday’s Halifax-Huddersfield Alliance’s Ron Parkinson trophy event, sponsored by DW Developments, at Marsden.

Start times: 8.30, T.Wild pro and G.Ward (Bradley Park), D.Mallinson 11 and D.Heywood 13 (Marsden); 8.45, J.Pearcey pro and A.N.Other (Bradley Park), L.Pilkington 3 and O.Shaw (Crosland Heath); 9.00, B.Moroney 15 and T.Moroney 17 (Outlane/Bradley Hall), S.Rothewell and P.Coward (Marsden); 9.15, R.Wimpeney 13 and S.Whitham 15 (Crosland Heath), I.Puller and A.N.Other (Marsden); 9.30, N.Corcoron and B Suddick (Meltham), D.Arber pro and S.Boustead (West End/Marsden); 9.45, J.Ward 1 and D.Hartley 2 (Dewsbury), G.Evans pro and M.Campbell 7 (Crow Nest Park); 10.00, A.Calvert and G.Gower 16 (West End/Marsden), R.T.Williams 14 and L.Dyson 16 (Crosland Heath); 10.15, D.Whitwam and A.N.Other (Marsden), R.Johnson 15 and A.N.Other (Meltham); 10.30, K.Puckering 15 and R.Wilson 19 (Outlane/Bradley Hall), S.Smith and K.Bruce 19 (Marsden); 10.45, S.Race pro and D.Campbell 6 (Meltham), R.Badrock 14 and A.N.Other (Castlefields); 11:00, M.Appleyard 7 and S.Sandy 6 (Bradley Hall), J.Smith 13 and A.Mellor 13 (Meltham/Outlane).