Smashing first success for the newcomers Luddites

THE Luddites quartet of David Stinton, Arnold Winter, Ray Wolsey and Peter Richardson have registered their first success in the Halifax BC Indoor League.

They beat fellow newcomers Denholme Dodgers (Eileen Dovernor, Tim Coleman, Jeff Dovernor and Ray Fearnley) in the Monday Afternoon Fours.

The scores were level at 6-6 before Dodgers conceded four shots at one end, the Luddenden Foot side emerging 12-8 winners.

As and Bs (Audrey Batchelor, Jean Atkinson, Alan Cowburn, Bob Batchelor) maintained their 100 per cent record as they defeated Triers (Kathleen Hey, Shirley Beverley, Paul Holroyd, Roy Greenwood) by 19-3.

The most exciting game featured new team JABS (Joan Hallowes, Ann Oates, Barbara Crompton and Sandra Hutchinson) and No Hopers (Jessie Jack, Lynda Helliwell, Sue Gormley and Joyce Shaw).

In a nip and tuck contest the scores were close throughout with JABS skip Oates saving the game at the last end. No Hopers had an 8-7 advantage and were lying two shots before Oates bowled a wonder wood, to give her team a share of the spoils at 8-8.

Madlams (David Smith, David Butler, Malcolm Edmondson, Mike Walker) went into a 6-0 lead after two ends in their game against top team Spartans (Brian Winrow, Peter Drinkwater, Brian Holder, David Holder) in the Monday Evening Fours.

However, Spartans fought back and registered six shots at the eighth end to build a 16-9 lead on the way to a 19-9 win.

The other leading team, Patacakes (Tim Coleman, David Butterworth, Stewart Baker, Pat Helliwell), continued their winning ways with a 22-3 success over Hit and Miss (Brenda Scanlon, Martin Atkinson, Michael Briggs, John Quick).

Clayton (Tony Riley, Paul Kaye, Paul Gill) got their revenge on Arriva (Les Holmes. Mark McGorlick, Dale Holdsworth) in the Thursday Evening Triples, coming out on top 19-7.

The outstanding performance in the Friday Evening Pairs came from Hilltoppers (Michael Hutchinson, Tim Coleman) who beat champions Phoenix (David Atkinson, David Ogden) by 14-4.

Coleman, the lead player for Hilltoppers, led a full length jack and Hutchinson provided full support to give Phoenix no room to attack the head. Atkinson and Ogden continually failed to reach the head.

In another game, Phoenix registered eight shots at one end to become members of the”Hot Shots” club as they beat G. Men (Malcolm Edmondson, Pat McDonnell) by 16-5.

Another team to have a big score at one end were Springers (Hazel Garside, Gwen Knowles, Sally Harrison, Maywynne Denby) who beat Just Fours (Joyce Brier, Sandra Hutchinson, Julie Bousfield, Duncan Coates) by 16-5 in a Wednesday Afternoon Fours League game. The Springers scored seven shots at one end.

MONDAY AFTERNOON FOURS: No Hopers 8 JABS 8, Luddites 12 Denholme Dodgers 8, Fair of Face 1 G2 + A2 30, As & Bs 19 Triers 3, Yorkies 4 Rabbit 13, K9s 14 Four Seasons 4.

MONDAY EVENING FOURS: Phoenix 16 Avengers 9, Hit and Miss 3 Patacakes 22, Spartans 19 Madlams 9.

TUESDAY EVENING PAIRS: Newbies 4 Stuart’s Hardware 12, Roils 4 Double D 11, Virgos 7 Brigands 15, Hit and Miss 11 Brookley 5, B. Strings 7 Webbo’s 6, B. & J. 2 Valley Boys 12.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON FOURS: Likely Lads 5 Bluebells 17, Sowerby 12 Illingworth 5, Bradshaw 6 Hebden Hotshots 16, Springers 16 Just Fours 5, Hawthorns 13 Yorkies 6, Vandals 22 Falstaffs 2.

WEDNESDAY EVENING FOURS: Hopefuls 7 Clayton 17, Arriva 17 DHSS 5, Rockets 7 The Halls 8, Blue Moon 14 Flying Scots 9.

THURSDAY EVENING TRIPLES: Phoenix 13 ETC 11, Clayton 19 Arriva 7, Madlams 20 Snap Crackle and Pop 7, SID 18 Hit and Miss 6.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON TRIPLES: The Halls 8 Hebden Hotshots 13, Sowerby 14 Rum Lot 8, Friday Girls 8 DWRs 20, G2 + 1 26 Barron Knights 6, Rabbits 24 Friends 4, Patacakes 23 TGIF 7.

FRIDAY EVENING PAIRS: B & J 7 On the Move 14, TNT 11 G. Men 12, Phoenix 4 Hilltoppers 14, Phoenix 16 G. Men 5, On the Move 9 Hilltoppers 11, B & J 5 Muleas 11.

SPRING OPEN PAIRS (sponsored by Mick Vine), first round draw: Tim Coleman & Michael Hutchinson v David Atkinson & Dale Holdsworth, Sheila Holbrook & Elspeth Hartley v bye, Jessie Jack & Sally Harrison v Malcolm Edmondson & Pat McDonnell, Mary Moore & Ernie Morris v Neil Mort and Peter Grant, Pauline & Brian Ward v Pat Helliwell & Brian Baker, Les & Robert Holmes v David Ogden & Martin Atkinson, David and Colleen Agnew v Ray Fearnley & Barbara Nellis.Arthur Robinson & Keith Hanson v Mike Walker & David Smith.

Games to be played by February 25. The first named pair to contact their opponents to fix a date.