VIDEO: Want to reach new heights? Try scaling a 120 ft landmark

There are plenty of sports out there to get your teeth into but there is one in particular that can take you to new heights.

Climbing is not only a great way to keep fit and active but also a way to take up an exciting challenge. A great example of that has just opened in Calderdale.

New climbing wall at Rokt, Brighouse.

New climbing wall at Rokt, Brighouse.

ROKT in Brighouse have recently unveiled their latest project ROKTFACE, an outdoor climbing wall which is the tallest man-made climbing wall in the UK.

It is taller than the Angel of the North and the Tower of London and hopes to encourage both experienced and novice climbers to give it a go.

Kirsty Atkinson is the business development manager at ROKT but started at the climbing gym as an instructor.

“I started climbing when I was about 10,” said Kirsty. “I climbed a little bit throughout school but once I started university, I joined the climbing club and that’s when it became a lifestyle instead of just a hobbie.”

Kirsty Atkinson, Business development manager at Rokt

Kirsty Atkinson, Business development manager at Rokt

This Girl Can Climb, part of the This Girl Can campaign, is encouraging women to take up the sport after a recent Equality survey by the British Mountaineering Council showed women make up only 28% of the British Mountaineering Council’s membership.

Kirsty said: “Climbing is a fantastic sport for women to get into. It has amazing physical and mental benefits. Not to mention the social atmosphere surrounding the sport.

“We have seen an increase in women’s participation to our facility after we introduced women only sessions and taster days.”

So how can you get into climbing?

ROKTFACE is taller than the Angel of the North

ROKTFACE is taller than the Angel of the North

“Climbing is dead easy to get involved in,” Kirsty said.

“We have many different sessions here at ROKT to get you started.

“We have inductions to bouldering, taster sessions and private tuitions; then you can progress onto a beginners course for those who would like to learn how to rope climb.

“We often run women only taster days and ladies courses to kick start women into climbing within a more social atmosphere.

“The next taster day will hopefully be on ROKTFACE!”

For more information visit or to book a session contact

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