Yoga isn’t just for the enlightened it’s for everybody - including men!

Yoga instructor Adele Wills, who is starting classes at Copley Cricket Club.
Yoga instructor Adele Wills, who is starting classes at Copley Cricket Club.

The number of men enjoying and participating in yoga classes has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Men now realise that yoga doesn’t involve tight lycra, chanting ‘Om’ or drinking chai tea - the barriers to entry have dropped, the stigmas have been cracked, and with all this change afoot, the yoga floodgates are well and truly open to all!

Yoga has no bias towards gender, age, or even ability. A good yoga teacher will make the class suitable and fulfilling for all who want to practice. This article is aimed at the men of Calderdale. So whether you’re a man reading this, or maybe you have a male friend, boyfriend or husband that you think may benefit – please share the knowledge and benefits below to be a part of the growing yoga movement.

Eight Key Benefits of Yoga for Men

lEnjoy improved flexibility and freedom of movement

There is a whole bundle of benefits associated with yoga, yet this is probably one of the most commonly known. Gain better flexibility in joints and muscles through a regular yoga practice, by releasing tensions, unlocking hidden pockets of tightness, and strengthen areas that will catapult your flexibility even further. What’s more, yoga is a holistic practice, working on the whole body rather than certain muscle groups, which is what happens in other exercises and sports. You’ll feel every inch of your body has been revitalised, relieved and strengthened, all at the same time!

lEnhance your productivity – at work and home

Whatever you’re working towards a yoga practice will offer up the mind-space to help you fulfil those goals. A research study (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) tested this theory when they analysed 30 participants on their working memory and inhibitory control (the ability to focus and retain new information). Researchers found that those who enjoyed regular 20-minute yoga sessions made confident work decisions, had better energy, enjoyed improved work relationships, and had better focus and memory retention compared to those who jogged or walked for 20 minutes.

lStrengthen your immunity

Yoga is great for your health. A research study published in the ‘Plosone health journal’, claims regular yoga practice strengthens immunity at the cellular level by changing actual gene expression and therefore improves your internal defence system. Yoga does this by flushing the body of toxins, which fuels a mock “fever” within the body and toughens immune system defense. This same flushing technique removes lactic acid build up which help guard against muscle soreness too.

lImprove your digestion

Yoga is more effective than antacids when it comes to calming digestive issues. In a yoga practice we enjoy twisting postures, which massage the internal organs and encourage food digestion, consequently soothing tummy and bowel troubles and resulting in more effective nutrition absorption and increased energy.

lRelieve your stress levels

A vast amount of studies link regular yoga to lower levels of stress and anxiety. Yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, a counterweight to the fight-or-flight response of stress. This reduces levels of cortisol, a primary stress hormone.

lBreathe correctly and efficiently

Yoga places huge importance on the breath. When we breath correctly our body works more efficiently. The benefits of correct breathing can help to improve performance in all other sports. Improving breathing techniques improves energy and vitality.

lBoost your libido and fertility

Yoga stimulates the hormonal system, and strengthens the pelvic floor.  When these areas are strengthened you can improve your overall satisfaction in the bedroom. Yoga also improves fertility, so if you’re keen to be a daddy, enjoy a regular practice as we increase blood flow to all the key areas promoting fertility health.

lBring about emotional healing

If you’re going through an emotionally challenging time there is nothing better than learning to release what’s weighing heavy. Yoga helps to accomplish this by teaching students to let go, and stay in the present moment. It helps develop skills around being centred and grounded, bringing clarity and perspective. Men are no exception and need help with emotional healing given the tough times in life we all face.

You will always be made to feel welcome, and given the time and space you need to heal, in a good yoga class.

So… are you man enough for Yoga? I think the answer is without question, Yes!

Namaste, Adele

Website: - Contact Adele on 07794866160. Class location: Aachen Hall, King Cross, Halifax