Rose Bowl: Robinson beats Halliday in final

Simon Robinson won the Sowerby Bridge Association’s Roberts Rose Bowl Handicap, sponsored by Maurice Boyd, at West End BC on Sunday.

Monday, 29th April 2019, 1:26 pm
Updated Monday, 29th April 2019, 1:30 pm
Beaten finalist: John Halliday in Sunday's event

He beat John Halliday by 21-15 in the final.

Robinson was 7-11 down in his first game against Lynden Harris but took the lead with a break of five. Harris led again by 15-14 but Robinson recovered to go 18-15 up and, in a tight finish, held on to win by 21-19.

In his quarter-final, he trailed Simon Page by 5-9 before taking the lead with a break of eight. Page was only one behind at 14-15 but Robinson regained control to win by 21-17.

He opened with a break of nine in his semi-final, against Matthew Pearson, and dominated the rest of the game to win by 21-9.

Halliday led by 10-5 in his opener against Brian Hildred but Hildred fought back to edge ahead by 14-13. Three consecutive pairs took Halliday to 19 and, after a single to Hildred, he scored a pair to win by 21-15.

His quarter-final, against Julian Dawson, was one of the closest of the day. Dawson went 11-4 up but Halliday’s break of six narrowed the gap to a single chalk. Halliday led by 16-13 but Dawson recovered to draw level at 17. The scores remained tied at 18 and 20 before Halliday scraped home with a single.

Halliday was behind by 4-10 in his semi-final against John Hamer but fought back to draw level at 11. Hamer eased ahead by 14-11 before Halliday won back the jack and finished with a break of 10.

Robinson made the better start in the final to lead by 13-7. Halliday recovered to 14-15 but managed only one more single.

First round: S.Page 21 B.Malone 20, S.Robinson 21 L.Harris 19, J.Halliday 21 B,Hildred 15, J.Dawson 21 A.Guide 8, D.Hartley 8 J.Hamer 21, N.Parker 21 B.Megson 19.

Quarter-finals: M.Page 19 M.Pearson 21, S.Page 17 S.Robinson 21, J.Haliday 21 J. Dawson 20, J.Hamer 21 N.Parker 17.

The Halifax Association’s Mixed Pairs, sponsored by Well Bowled, is at Sowerby T & BC on Sunday. Entries will be accepted up to 10.30am with play scheduled to begin at 11.00am.