Halifax Panthers boss Grix pleased with progress of injured trio

Halifax Panthers boss Simon Grix has hailed the attitude of injured trio as all three players continue to make steady progress, writes Seb Sternik.

By Mark Berry
Friday, 8th April 2022, 2:01 pm
Updated Friday, 8th April 2022, 2:02 pm
Matty Gee.
Matty Gee.

Brad Knowles, Matty Gee and Greg Worthington have all been on the sidelines for a considerable amount of time. Following Halifax’s league victory over Whitehaven last week, Grix gave an update on all three players.

Gee, for instance, is yet to make his debut for the Panthers as he continues to recover from his shoulder surgery. Grix admitted that while the player might not be far from completing his recovery, the 27-year-old will not be rushed back into competitive action.

He said: “Matty is progressing. As I said before, it’s a nerve injury. I’m no doctor but I know they heal at a very slow rate and sometimes with these things, it’s literally just time.

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“We’re doing everything we can. He’s doing everything he can to stimulate these nerves into action. But unfortunately, until they get to a certain level, the muscles aren’t working properly which play a big part in your shoulder stability.

“In a game like this, it’s a real big risk to push him before and we certainly won’t, we’ll wait for him. But he's joining in training and I can guarantee you he’ll add a lot of value when he does come. He’s a good player and he looks good in training to be fair. It’s just that contact bit that’s missing at the moment. Hopefully he’s not a million miles off.”

Worthington, on the other hand, was initially ruled out for four months when he limped off during a pre-season defeat to Salford.

The centre broke his sesamoid which is an injury which can cause complications due to its close proximity to the tendons.

Speaking about his progress, Grix said: “Greg has had surgery on his toe. Slow healing process. Bit of infection, bits to deal with. He’s coming on the other side of that now. He’s hoping to be around.

“He told me the other day he’s hoping for Leigh [June, 5]. He’s a way off yet, but he’s approaching it with the right attitude.”

Knowles is the third long-term injury at Halifax, with Grix applauding the 28-year-old’s mentality during this difficult period.

The former Sheffield Eagles player suffered a subluxation of his hip just three minutes into the first game of the season against Batley.

Grix said: “Moving into Brad Knowles, doctors are a little bit shocked at the progress he has made so far to be honest. It’s probably only seven or eight weeks ago since he did the injury. He’s up on his feet, no need for a brace or crutches anymore which is a lot faster than we all expected considering the nature of injury.

“The tests he’s had so far, they’re happy with him, from a hospital perspective. Kind of signed him off really. Still healing a bit, but the lengthy process of getting function back in that leg

“Brad’s attitude been brilliant. It’s a holding back kind of job as opposed to pushing him along through his rehab. He’s determined to get himself back quicker than the time frame that the experts have suggested.

“His attitude has been brilliant and it’s quite infectious to be honest. Brad’s attitude is spot on. It has been throughout his career. It's difficult when you’re on the sidelines. They’re still part of the team even though they’re not playing.”