“Taking the club to Super League would be a beaut” - Scott Grix hoping for one last hurrah with Halifax

Scott Grix hopes to inspire Halifax Panthers ahead of the play-off campaign that could seal their place back in the top tier.

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 11:19 am
Halifax Panthers - Scott Grix

The 37-year-old began his career at Halifax when the club dropped out of the Super League.

Following an 18-year career which included over 400 appearances at seven different clubs, Grix has announced that he will be hanging up his boots at the end of this season.

Grix said: “Whilst I would like to play forever, reality is, it has to end at some point and this year’s play-off games will be my last.

“To play over 400 career games, captain Ireland, play in three World Cups, play alongside my brother and some of my best mates is something I feel really proud of.” Because of the nature of the play-offs, Grix could have as many three games left this season. On the other hand, this weekend could be his last appearance should the Panthers fall to Whitehaven at the Shay.

“I’ve had a couple of mates who have retired last weekend,” said Grix. “They didn’t make the play-offs so they knew when their last game was. I suppose I don’t know when mine is. Potentially this week or potentially the week after. Or potentially in the big one the week after that.

“I’d like to play on if I could but it seems the right time. This is my hometown club, I don’t want to play for anyone else. I’d like to have a good play-offs to finish.”

Despite playing at a number of clubs throughout his career, it is Halifax which holds a special place in his heart.

Grix added: “I’ve played over 50 games for the club so it doesn’t seem like too many although I’ve been a fan my whole career really. I did my academy stuff here, started out in a pretty big year for the club when they got relegated from Super League. It’s a pretty important club to me. It means all the more with my brother involved.”

The possibility of taking Halifax back into the Super League in his final run as a player seems like a Hollywood story. But as Grix went on to mention, anything in sport is possible.

He said: “To get to Toulouse or the Featherstone game would be a big achievement and wouldn’t be too down if we lose that game. The beauty of sport is that there’s always a chance.

“To us, we’ve got absolutely zero to lose. We finished in third, we would have liked to finish higher but third for us is good. That was on our pre-season goal list. Next bit is a bonus, we want to get as far as we can. Never say never. Taking the club to Super League would be a beaut.”

In order to have a shot at Super League, Halifax will have to get the better of Whitehaven – a side that beat the Panthers 19-6 just two weeks ago.

The two go head-to-head this Saturday at the Shay.