Fax extend Wales forward Jones’ deal until end of 2022

Sion Jones
Sion Jones

Halifax have extended the contract of their young Wales forward Sion Jones until the end of 2022.

Jones, a cross-code convert who arrived at the club via Leeds Beckett University, is currently sidelined following a knee reconstruction - which has already cost him his 2019 season - and is not expected to return to action until next summer.

But the former Cardiff Blues junior’s obvious physical potential meant that coach Simon Grix had little hesitation in extending Jones’ current deal.

“It’s been a tough year for Sion, he’s had a bad injury and it’s taken some time to get him on the road to recovery,” said Grix.

“I had my share of long-term injuries as a player, a lot closer to friends and family than Sion is, and it can be a very isolating and lonely place to be.

“The lads have been great with him, keeping him involved as much as possible, and hopefully we’ve turned a corner now.

“At some stage next summer, we’ll be able to start the process of getting him back to the level he was at before his injury and then helping him become the player we think he can be.

“Physically, he’s got potential; everyone can see he’s an athlete and he has some punch when he carries the ball that we’ve probably missed this year.

“In rugby league terms, he’s still learning, but we’ll find a way of using him that makes the best of his attributes.

“I think everyone is looking forward to seeing him back on the field.”

Fax are expected to announce a further re-signing later today.