Grix: Fax likely to explore dual-registration options for 2020

Halifax coach Simon Grix
Halifax coach Simon Grix

Coach Simon Grix has hinted Halifax are likely to try and strike new dual-registration deals for the 2020 Championship season.

Fax have reinforced their side with talent from Super League outfit Castleford over the past two seasons, with a similar arrangement seeing players on the fringe of Grix’s plans turn out for League 1 Hunslet.

While it is certain that Fax won’t be linked with the Tigers, who have now aligned themselves with York, Grix suggested he was likely to seek an agreement with another top flight club, while he met Hawks coach Gary Thornton this week to discuss a potential continuation of that relationship.

“As a system, it’s definitely Marmite and some people definitely don’t like it,” said Grix, who emphasised that with the club’s reserve grade side having been mothballed on financial grounds, dual-registration was likely to be more influential than ever.

“It can be difficult, because there’s always the perception that the junior partner in the relationship - whether that’s us or Hunslet - is at the mercy of the other.

“At the same time, for a club like us, if you get six or seven injuries mid-season, and some of those are in key positions, you’d be daft not to try and give yourself some protection from that situation.

“Castleford had a horrific injury list last season, which unfortunately impacted on us, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work, so in my opinion we’d be wrong not to at least consider it.

“It worked quite well for us and Hunslet last season and we are going to need outlets next year for players that aren’t playing.

“There’s a scenario where we find a winning formula early on, you’ve got a fully fit squad of 28 or 29 players and it’s difficult to make changes.

“You need somewhere for those blokes to play, so they’re match fit and ready to go when you need them.”