Ambler: Fax’s new-look fitness regime is paying off

Luke Ambler in action against Leigh
Luke Ambler in action against Leigh

In-form Halifax prop Luke Ambler has praised the contribution of the club’s new conditioner Andy Holleyhead in the wake of last weekend’s opening encounter with full time opposition.

Leigh, one of three full time teams in the competition along with Bradford and London, won 18-6 at the Shay, although Fax surprisingly looked the stronger side in the closing stages.

And Ambler, who played down a strong personal start to the season, picked out that as a major positive.

“I don’t think we lost out to them physically, which was pleasing,” said Ambler, who will be a key part of Richard Marshall’s side at top of the table Batley on Sunday (3.0).

“If anything, we should have been a bit drained after those repeat sets we had to defend in the first half.

“But I thought we dealt with it well and that’s credit to Andy and the conditioning work he’s done with us.

“It’s been completely different; he’s big on the sports science and he’s brought ideas with him from Warrington that are helping us.

“He’s really clever; it’s not about flogging us, it’s about getting those conditioning blocks in while keeping us fresh at the same time because he knows a lot of the boys work in full time jobs.

“It’s position specific work that we do and if people need a bit of an extra block then they get that too.

“There’s the carrot of Super League being dangled this year and that’s making everyone want to improve and be the best they can be.

“I’m upset we lost at the weekend, but I’m not disappointed with the team’s performance.

“I think everyone put in and what really stands out for me is how tight this group is and how willing we are to work for each other.

“Personally, I think I’ve started a bit slowly, but I feel like that’s because I’m trying a few different things.

“Richard is definitely making me a better player; he looks at the small things in your game, things I probably didn’t do so good last season, and I’m working on those.

“I think in the next few weeks, that will start to pay off for me.”