Ambler: I’ll stay out of Cup discussions

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HALIFAX front rower Luke Ambler has said he will not get involved in any discussions over a potential role in next weekend’s fifth round Carnegie Challenge Cup clash with Leigh.

Ambler, the Leeds Rhinos prop, is on a dual-registration deal with his hometown club as he waits for a chance in Headingley boss Brian McDermott’s first team line up.

The former Ovenden junior was sidelined for Fax’s fourth round date against South Wales last weekend at the request of the Rhinos, but admitted he has no idea whether it will be the same story at Leigh Sports Village as Fax seek to avenge Thursday night’s 32-18 league loss against Paul Rowley’s side.

“I haven’t spoken to Karl Harrison yet, but as far as I am aware I wasn’t allowed to play against South Wales because Leeds did not want me cup tied,” said Ambler.

“Him and Brian Mac might talk about it this week but it’s a decision that’s taken above me, it’s not up to me.

“It would be a difficult situation, because I want to play first team rugby, I want to play for Halifax, but I want to play for Leeds as well.

“There are a lot of ifs and buts about how well Leeds might do in the competition, but that’s all they are.

“It’s out of my hands; If they say I can play, I’ll play with all my heart.

“If I can’t, I’ll back the boys to go there and get the job done without me.”

Ambler described the televised league reverse - which saw Leigh go 32-6 up before Fax closed the gap in the last few minutes - as a “kick in the teeth”, but is adamant Fax can turn the tables next Sunday (2.0).

“It’s a different competition, a different game,” said Ambler.

“They’ve won the league game, nothing else.

“We’ve set ourselves some high standards this year and we wanted to put ourselves clear of the pack on Thursday night, but it didn’t happen for us.

“We’ll work hard for next week now, forget what happened and go there with a good attitude and try and get the win.

“We’re all human, we’ve all got our pride on the line and everyone was pretty upset after the game.

“We didn’t bar up in defence at all.

“We made a job for ourselves to come back and we couldn’t do it.”