Ambler: Positives will emerge from Rovers reverse

Luke Ambler (centre)
Luke Ambler (centre)

Halifax’s Luke Ambler has said there will be long-term positives emerge from the disappointment of Sunday’s 40-18 defeat at Featherstone.

The former Leeds prop, who said he was “massively disappointed” by his personal performance as Fax comprehensively lost the battle of the front rows, believes that Karl Harrison’s side have learnt some important lessons.

“We had a plan but we didn’t execute it like we have been doing and it goes to show that making stuff up is not the way to go,” said the former Ovenden junior.

“If you don’t complete and play with composure, you don’t come away with the goods.

“I’m sure it was a quality game for the spectator, but the players are distraught.

“I’m massively disappointed with my own performance and I am sure a few other people are too.

“It’s a massive kick up the backside; I think it’s reminded us we’re only in April and we’ve not won anything yet.

“It’s difficult at the moment, but I think in the long term you will probably see a lot of positives come out of what happened on Sunday.

“We’ve made it harder for ourselves in terms of winning the league, but I suppose that’s the fun of the game, isn’t it?”