Ball: signs were there

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HALIFAX coach Damian Ball admitted “all the indicators” had pointed to his side’s victory in last night’s Co-operative Championship play off clash at Batley.

Ball’s team won 32-22 against the competition’s third-placed finishers – bossed by the man widely predicted to be Fax’s next coach, the club’s former Great Britain prop Karl Harrison – to set up another on the road showdown next Friday night with the winners of tonight’s meeting between Sheffield and Widnes.

“All the indicators were there for a performance and I am delighted for the players more than anything,” said Ball, who saw his side distance their hosts in the second half after turning round 12-6 down, having faced Mount Pleasant’s infamous slope.

“The way they prepared this week was just phenomenal, on another level.

“The Tuesday session was probably the best we have ever had at that stage of the week, Wednesday was just a run through but the intensity was still there, you could just see it coming.

“The warm up was great; the dressing room was great; everything.

“We were absolutely confident at half time, we talked about playing the territory, keeping the ball in play and building pressure on them with repeat sets.

“I thought our decision makers – Bob Beswick and Sean Penkywicz – were outstanding in that second half.

“But I thought the 10 minute period before half time was crucial; we got some momentum, sneaked a try and could have sneaked another one.

“We always thought this group of players had some big games in them, we’ve done one tonight and now we’ve got to do another next week.”