Chairman Steele praises ‘realism’ after Fax turn a profit

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Halifax chairman Michael Steele has confirmed the Co-operative Championship leaders made a profit of over £20,000 during the 2011 season.

Fax have implemented significant cost-cutting measures over the last two years, slashing at least £100,000 off their previous playing budget.

Steele said, “It is pleasing that our efforts to contain costs and operate responsibly have enabled the club to consolidate on the previous year’s surplus.

“This could not have been achieved without much hard work, both by staff and volunteers within the club and by the members of the Independent Supporters Trust.

“But the major factor, which extends into the current year, is that the whole club, from the most junior player to the senior professionals has bought into the need to be realistic in order to ensure a future for high quality rugby league in Calderdale.

“The Board believe that realism and cost control is the key to a future at whatever level the first team may play.”