Challenge Cup: Greenwood ‘not happy’ after Siddal exit

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Siddal coach Gareth Greenwood was in no mood to accept plaudits after his side exited the Challenge Cup at the hands of League 1 professionals Rochdale Hornets at Spotland.

The Chevinedge amateurs lost out 48-20, having trailed 32-10 at the break against a team tipped to challenge for promotion to the Championship.

The scoreline tells only half the story, with Siddal in touch at 12-10 coming up to the half hour and then storming back early in the second half to trail 32-20.

“I don’t feel that happy,” said Greenwood.

“We’ve conceded 48 points against a pretty average team, so I’m not happy.

“The first half was penalty, then try, penalty, try and it just went on like that.

“I didn’t think they were any better either, they just got more penalties; we got a couple and scored two tries.

“In the end, it looked like what it was; a team that’s probably done 100 gym sessions since November and trained together 100 more times against an amateur team.

“If people saw the amateurish things that we try to patch up on match days; you put a video session on and nine of them turn up, your centre tells you he’s playing for his rugby union club and you have to pull someone in from the second team.

“We couldn’t quite patch all those things up enough and it told on us in the end.

“The second half was better, but I don’t think they’re a good team.

“Every time we got near their line it looked like they were going to capitulate and if they end up playing a team like Halifax in the next round then I’m sure they will.”