Divorty: Fax need points, not just performance

Fax's Alex Brown cannot claim the ball in London
Fax's Alex Brown cannot claim the ball in London

Back rower Ross Divorty has admitted that Halifax need to start turning performances into precious Championship points ahead of Friday’s derby against Bradford at Odsal (8.0).

Fax slipped to fifth in a congested league table - with a 50 per cent win/loss record - after Saturday’s frustrating 22-18 reverse against the London Broncos at Barnet.

Richard Marshall’s side were on top for most of the game against their full-time opponents in north London, but found themselves empty handed after a late score from hooker Brad Dwyer, who pounced on a loose ball to give Andrew Henderson’s side the win.

“We are competing in every game, but we need to turn that into wins,” said Divorty.

“I think every game we have played this year, there has been a point where we have been in a position to win.

“There were parts on Saturday where we played fluent rugby, brilliant rugby, but there were also times when we forced things a little bit too much.

“We want to entertain, but there’s a time and a place on the field.

“We’ve got the skill and the ability, but at the moment we’re not quite there yet.

“We were dominant, we looked fitter and fresher than a full time team - which should give us the confidence that we can go out on Friday and compete with Bradford - it’s just getting it to click.

“We need a bit more composure at times.

“But Rich is a smart coach, with a lot of direction, he is giving us a lot of insight into those one per cent plays that make a difference.”