Harrison: Bonus point system makes no sense

Halifax coach Karl Harrison has criticised the Championship’s ‘bonus point’ system, suggesting the game’s governing body have ‘forgotten’ about it.

The idea, which rewards teams who lose by 12 points or less with a league point, has enabled Sunday’s opponents Batley to keep pace with Fax - they could overhaul Harrison’s side with a win at the Shay - despite winning two games less.

The Bulldogs have six bonus points to Fax’s two, leaving Harrison to hint it would be unjust if they were to finish above Fax in the final reckoning.

“I don’t get it; they don’t do it in Super League, they don’t do it in the amateurs, they don’t do it in the NRL, why are we the only rugby league competition in the world to have it?,” said Harrison.

“The RFL brought it in to trial it, then seem to have forgotten about it.

“If you lose by 12, you’ve still been beaten, so why offer a reward for that?

“Batley have two wins worth of points from games they have lost, I can’t get my head around how that is right.”

A win on Sunday would leave Fax on 44 points, with a second-placed finish still theoretically possible if Leigh suffered a loss to whipping boys Swinton.

“Second place is gone in my mind, but I don’t think it would be a fair reflection if we ended up any lower than third,” said Harrison, whose side could drop as low as fifth if they lose to Batley.

“I believe that when we’ve got it right, we’ve been the best side.

“We’re really down to the bare bones this weekend, but we’re not feeling sorry for ourselves. We want to get through Sunday’s game, see where we finish and reassess from there.”