Harrison in the dark over Wolves’ influence

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Swinton’s dual-registration tie up with Super League is again complicating Halifax coach Karl Harrison’s planning for Sunday’s Championship opener at the Shay (3.0).

The Lions have teamed up with the Wolves for a second successive season and are expected to have a number of players from Super League Grand Finalists in their line up this weekend.

According to Harrison though, no one - perhaps not even Swinton player-coach Ian Watson - knows who they are yet.

“I spoke to Paul Kidd from Swinton last weekend and he said it could be Friday or even Saturday before they find out who they are getting,” said Harrison, who ran the rule over the Lions when they played Oldham in a pre-season fixture at the Whitebank Stadium last Sunday.

“That can’t make things easy for them and it certainly doesn’t make things easy for us as far as planning goes, because we have no idea who we’re playing.

“We’re expecting them to have some Warrington players, but in what positions we just don’t know.

“We’re just going to have to see who turns up on Sunday and take things from there.”

Fax will come face to face with a number of familiar faces though, with Watson - who played at the Shay under Martin Hall - picking up a couple of players released by Harrison last winter.

“They’ve got Anthony Bowman and young Freddy Walker, who played in our under 20s,” said Harrison.

“They went okay against Oldham and Watson was still probably their best player.”