Lack of detail derailed Fax’s bid

HALIFAX provided the Rugby Football League with insufficient detail when they submitted their application for a Super League licence.

Fax expressed their disappointment after being denied promotion to the top flight when the new set of three-year licences were issued in July.

But the League said the club “fell below the standards expected of a Super League club”.

They revealed Halifax failed to provide sufficient detail in their marketing, media or commercial plans.

“The club business plan was inadequate, figures presented by the club as the budget and performance forecasts for the 2012-14 licence period were speculative and the club did not provide sufficient information for KPMG to complete their assessment procedures,” a Super League statement read.

“Whilst the club has an excellent community programme, a good facility and has recently strengthened its board and player performance system, the club fell below the standards expected of a Super League club.”

While the damning tone of the RFL’s summary seems calculated to match chairman Michael Steele’s vociferous reaction on the day of the announcement itself - when he described Fax’s addition to the top flight as a “no brainer” - the former solicitor took a more concillatory tone yesterday.

“That is their view and ultimately we have no choice but to accept it,” he said.

“We have kicked the whole thing back and forth between us over the last few weeks and the important thing now is to focus on moving forward.

“We are certainly doing everything we can to try and correct what they perceive as the weaknesses in the application.

“From a personal perspective, the sad thing about this is that it has nothing to do with sport.”