Lure of Leigh was too much: Sean

Departing Halifax captain Sean Penkywicz has identified the emotional pull of finally playing for his hometown club as the key factor in his move to Leigh.

Penkywicz played his final game for Fax - after almost a dozen years in the blue and white during two separate spells - in Sunday’s play off defeat by Sheffield.

The Championship Player of the Year nominee, who has been an annual transfer target for the Centurions in recent years, finally agreed to pull on the red and white when he signed a two year deal with Paul Rowley’s side.

“It’s my hometown club, I’ve got a couple of years left and I want to try and do something for them,” said Penkywicz.

“It’ll be good for my whole family; the kids are at school there, my dad sponsors them from time to time, I’ll be closer to home.

“It was disappointing to finish like that, it was shocking, from everyone.

“In the end though, I’ll look back on my time here over the next few weeks and look at it all rather than just one game.

“I think I’ve done 11 or 12 years in total; I played my first game at 16 and I’m 30 now.

“It’s been a long time, nearly all my professional career, so no one can say I’ve not been loyal.

“But it’s time for a new challenge now.”