Marshall: Tactical changes will be made gradually

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New Halifax coach Richard Marshall will opt for evolution rather than revolution as he attempts to transform the club’s tactical approach for 2015.

Marshall’s squad, who spent much of this year being maligned for their style of play, began pre season training last week and took home the first two pages of what will eventually become Fax’s new playbook, the document that dictates their approach in attack and defence.

“They were given one sheet of offensive plays and one sheet of defensive plays,” confirmed Marshall, the former Warrington assistant coach who is also busy preparing the England Academy side for their autumn series against the Australian Schoolboys.

“We will add to that over the next four to six weeks, so by Christmas there will be a complete new playbook in place.

“I know there’s no point overloading them with too much information, because players just tend to skim through it and not take it in, so we’ll drip feed things over the next four to six weeks.

“I don’t know whether it’s different to what they did last year or not, but there are things I want them to practice and get better at.

“A lot of that revolves around what people do off the ball and how they prepare for the next play rather than just watching the man carrying the football.

“I want the players to add to that and contribute too; they know what works in this division and it’s about involving them in the decision making process.”

Marshall said he had come away content with his players’ efforts after last Sunday’s initial field session at Trinity Academy, although he made it clear that application and achievement were quite different.

“I think in terms of skills and fitness we’re miles away from where we need to be, but it was a heavy track, a slippy track and on reflection I came away happy,” said Marshall.

“I thought Miles Greenwood showed up well, Scott Murrell got them organised and there were some good signs.”