Morrison getting closer to comeback, but no return date is set

Halifax forward Iain Morrison is confident he will play again - but he admits it is still too early to set a comeback date.

Morrison only played a handful of games for the club during his debut season in 2012 before being forced to undergo complex microfracture surgery on his knee to correct a cartilage problem.

That procedure was successful, but the 29 year old is still going through a painstaking rehabilitation process.

“I see the specialist in a couple of weeks, which may be the final check, but beyond that I would just be guessing if I tried to set a date,” said the former Featherstone player, who has seen his last three seasons ended early by injuries.

“I think we’re looking at months still rather than a few weeks.

“I haven’t run yet, I am starting that next week, I have just been trying to get some weight back through it to help get some density in the bone where they drilled the holes inside my knee.

“If I rush it and it breaks down, it is the end of the road.

“Technically, I could have it done again, but it is not something I would want to go through again; I’ve had a lot of operations in my career but this was the worst.

“It was eight weeks non-weight bearing afterwards and four weeks half weight bearing, so it’s three months on crutches.

“There is no way I could financially and physically put myself through it for a second time.”

But Morrison, a Londoner who played for Harlequins, Huddersfield and Hull KR in the top flight, rejects any suggestion that he is facing an impossible task.

“No way,” he said.

“It’s an operation that plenty of people have had - Wayne Godwin at Salford, Johnny Hepworth at Featherstone - it’s just something you need to get through.

“I am only 29 and I am getting there now.

“I just have to make sure everything is done 100 per cent correctly and it should be fine.”